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It's official...The Model S is Motor Trend's Car of the Year!!!

I think once the "TCO" computations, like those on, start to sink in, the rhetorical question asked there will begin to bite:

Can you afford a Tesla or...? ?
Can you afford NOT to buy a Tesla?

Leasing will begin to make this even more clear-cut, IMO.


When the plug-in electric vehicle tax credit is phased out, i.e., when at least 200,000 cars have been sold for use in the U.S.

That's per manufacturer.

Well done! Everyone at Tesla deserves this award (and all the others as well) for all of their hard work, ingenuity, and just plain thinking out of the box. Keep up the great work!

Max Mindel

Thanks for the great reply, Baltimore Tesla...I concur on just about everything you said.

Regarding your D comment, on what the market will be for the Model S going forward beyond these initial reservations, I think it's a little murky...I think the Motor Trend COTY award will generate a fair amount of interest, and some new reservations, but becaus there is already a crossover SUV in the pipeline, and the more affordable GenIII car in the not too distant future, I think many, many potential customers will say "Well, I'll see if Teala is still around when/if this GenIII car comes out." in between then, I'm sure they'll sell some more Model S and Model X cars, but I don't expect additional orders for those to do anything drastic, such as double the existing reservations, especially for the Model S (Although Model X has very few reservations comparatively, so those could double).

Of course, I don't wish this on Tesla...I want them the sell thousands and thousands...That's just my analysis of the market in comparison to the economy and Tesla's vehicle line-up and manufacturing timeline. Another thing to note is that, because of the timing of this award and the current waiting list, there is going to be a bit of a lost momentum effect, when new people get excited to discover the Model S, only to learn that they can' have one until later next yer, even if they can afford it.

Time will tell...

I was interviewed a bit at the event by Jim Motavalli who freelances for the NY Times...a bit of it ended up in this article:

Elon will be disappointed. He figures this is the first major world-changing acknowledgement and accolade. The seas will stop rising, and the air will clear to all horizons, coming soon! ;D

On the financial side:

Tesla Motors Inc : Deloitte Announces 2012 Technology Fast 500(TM) Rankings"

"Tesla Motors, Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) clinched the top spot with fiscal year 2011 revenue of $204.24 million and a growth rate of 279,684 percent from 2007 to 2011."

I don't know if any of you have seen this program, but one of the people in the interview is still very skeptical about the success of Tesla Motors. Anyway, the Car of the Year award has no doubt raised the awareness that Tesla Motors has started the revolution of cars and it can not be reversed by the big oil/car companies.

Coincidentally, Mr. Vic Gundotra, Google VP, has just received his Model S and posted his impression on Google+, quote

I've owned many 500 to 600 horsepower cars. So I wasn't prepared to be impressed with the Tesla's performance. Yet I was. This car is scary fast and the torque feels completely linear even at high speeds.

Check out Elon on Jimmy Fallon talking about the award and other stuff:

He is just so painfully awkward, isn't he?!

Too many thoughts all at once running in his head.

Has anyone noticed just how quick the standard S85 is? Sure it is not nearly as quick off the block as the performance version (behind by .6 second to 30), but after that things are different: 30-90 acceleration handily beats the Porsche Panamera GTS, almost keeps up with the M5! and is only about .6 sec behind its big brother P85 (performance version).

Ref Motor Trend:
BMW M5 (dual clutch): 30-90 =6.3 sec, 45-65=1.8 sec @ $104,000
Porsche Panamera GTS: 30-90 =7.6 sec, 45-65=2.3 sec @ $146,000
Tesla Model S85 (std): 30-90 =6.6 sec, 45-65=1.9 sec @ $82,500+/-
Tesla Model S P85(performance): 30-90 =6 sec, 45-65=1.7 sec @ $96,000+/-

To put it another way .. If you can't afford the P85, you can still keep up with the big performance gas cars and save a bundle, if you don't mind not racing off the block. I don't know about you, I never race anyone, this is a real safety feature to have a car that can pass so quickly.
Compared to these, both of the Tesla model S's are actually relatively great value, even before savings in fuel to be realized later!

Someone had the tag about the Roadster, "It's not passing, it's teleportation!"


Just stumbled across the January 2013 edition of Motor Trend Magazine. Don't know how long it's been out. Nice cover photo of Elon in a Tesla but "Tesla" is nowhere to be found on the cover!

I’m framing the cover as a great souvenir!

(Now I just wish my car would arrive!)

@lph ++1.

In everyday driving with the standard S85, you will still beat the big expensive performance gas cars off the block as well. They achieve those times on the track with launch control shenanigans and traction control off, hard to do in real-life driving. You will do that with all the safety and civilized features of the S.

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