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It's over...

So, I'm on the train heading home last night, staring out the window trying to recover from another monotonous day at my cubicle, when on the highway beside the tracks I see a oh, oh, is that a Model S? My view is momentarily blocked by a truck. "MOVE" I scream at it in my head, I need to see that car! Now craning my neck as the train pulls away, the truck slowly moves to revel a, what is it??? Oh, it’s just a Maserati. My brain goes back to counting blue cars.

A few minutes later the realization sets in... "JUST a Maserati???". What the hell? I'm no car snob, just an average joe trying to save enough pennies to buy an S, but I then realized, it’s over. It doesn't matter how rare or beautiful a combustion vehicle is, they no longer compare. Their outdated, tired and well frankly, old. The future has arrived. I can't wait to join the revolution!

double battery density, half the price and it truly over.

I took delivery of my car on Saturday. I'm an older guy and have bought lots of cars. Unlike most people, I actually enjoyed going into a dealer and haggling over price. I needed to get a car AND a deal. The Tesla experience was a "yes, Master" deal. They told me what they wanted and I said, "yes, Master." No deals, no bargaining. A very egalitarian sales process. There's a price and if you want one, you pay it. Not my style, but I wanted the car and bit the bullet.

When I picked up my car I was told there was a slight fan motor hum and it couldn't be fixed at the factory on Saturday. It's a slight noise which I wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't been told. So here I am 400 miles from home with a $90,000 "new" car that's not working right. Don't care. I drove off and got a call 10 minutes later that they forgot to put the registration in the car. Don't care. The connector cord didn't have the stainless steel cover because they're out of them. Don't care.

I get 4 car magazines. I'm letting the subscriptions lapse. Don't care. I wanted a Bentley Convertible or a Ferrari. I'm not going to get one. Don't care. I have an Audi TT roadster. I am selling my Mercedes S and thought I'd keep the TT. I'll be selling it. Don't care.

In short, I'm only thinking about the model X which I've put in a reservation for. I can honestly say I wouldn't trade this car for any other car, or anything. Live with less food, clothes, rent. Get one. Get one for your wife. Smile all day.

There's not enough "S"'s to go around - yet. I am so glad so few know about them - so far. Gives me my chance to get mine. Let the rest of the world learn - later. More power to Tesla and Elon. Yay Team!

@ Stark

You were struck by lightning when you realised: "it's over". And that is correct. We DO have another option to choose from, and a damn good one it is. We CAN get rid of our oil addiction. We CAN and we WILL be free from oil consumption. That is the revolution.

A funny comparison that just came to me: "Elon Musk wants to free us (the people) from the bad oil-industry". That can be compared with: "Neo (Mr. Anderson) from the Matrix movie, who wanted to free the people from the machines".

@info: That is one of the best passages I've read on this forum in a long time! Even if what you wrote makes the pain of waiting until the end of 2013 (for a UK Model S) even harder to bear.

@info, you post reminded me of the Honey Badger YouTube video with all the, "Don't Care" references... :)

Amen. I got my Model S 10 days ago. I drove my wife's car last night. It was the first time I had driven an ICE since delivery. I felt like I was a cave man.

Well said, info@richardpol! And, if you'll excuse a little bit of forward-thinking...I can't wait until 2020(ish), and we're all still on here, arguing/debating about which Tesla to get, the latest S, or the A, B, C, or X, Y, Z! I can't wait until Tesla has a whole stable of cars, one to satisfy anyone's particular needs and desires :)

But in the mean time...I am perfectly content with my Model S, quirks and all...Because at the end of the day, like you said: I'd rather have my quirky Model S than anything else out there...

@stark/@richardpol - great posts. And so true.

@Stark, @Richard +1

@Stark ... I have the exact feelings. The other day, I said to my wife, "Honey, we should go and buy a car today". She asked me, "Which one?". And, I just couldn't think of any that came anywhere close to the Model S. I went blank; just nothing came to my mind.

I love Mercedes and have been a big fan of the 3-pointed star cars ever since I was 10. But, even that love and adoration doesn't make we want to forgo, or even supplement, my Model S with a Mercedes.

By, the way, we still don't have our Model S yet. We will have that early next month.

~ Prash.

2 weeks in and we'll never go back except to buy a Model X maybe. I am having a hard time even being nice when people who don't understand and compare my car with BMWs and Mercedes...will never go back...

@info - Live with less food, clothes, rent. Get one. Get one for your wife. Smile all day.
That's exactly what we're planning on doing. Except for the getting one for the wife part. She gets our LEAF. Maybe when the GenIII comes out we'll replace that as well.

Feb - Mar delivery! Can't wait...

To continue with the don't cares...

The car carrier driver lowered a ramp on my car.....don't care they fixed it and I got my S
I'm driving on expired temp tags cause my paperwork is messed up......don't care I can out run the cops :0)
Can't open the front passenger side door from the outside.....don't care they can sit in back
I can't get it warm around the accelerator....don't care I'll wear an extra sock on my driving foot
Starting to get wear on my B pillar....don't care just create an egress profile

Ok, I think I have the bug, because I wouldn't put up with half this stuff in an ICE.

We took delivery on 2/2...they call it the "Tesla Smile" for a reason, when you drive it, you can't wipe the smile off your face.

Could not agree more-- one month into ownership-- never a hint of "buyers remorse". I'm enjoying the daily commute. I take the long way home from work. Never going back. Great posts folks! Great car Tesla!

A different perspective: have been procrastinating getting new car for years as they all are 100y old technology with little improvement, be it any of the German luxury sedans, Lexus, Infiniti or any of those, only some tweaks with style and slight improvement in performance.

Stumbled upon the S last summer and was immediately blown away. The long search for a truly interesting car was over. Radical improvement in multiple segments in technology unlike practically any make in recent memory. Being the first truly cool EV was just the starting point. Some of the industry-firsts really show how lame the other companies have been.

Waiting for my delivery within the next few days..

Just look at the stock chart…also “over" for the TSLA shorts :)

Wanted to use the shares to purchase the car. Took delivery of the car and somehow manage to hold the shares. "Pigs get sluttered " they say...hoink, hoink!

April 2011;reserved MS. F1 Silverstone 2011; Hamilton slows to save gas. I turn off TV and give up F1. Haven't looked back. F1 is an anachronism. I have been to F1 races. I wrenched on F5000 cars but gas cars are over! They are dead cars running. They just haven't fallen over yet.


Same for me! But agree with all. Models s is so far advanced! No regrets at all.

Going into more debt than I ever have, "just to purchase a car" in my entire life ..... guess what? .... Don't Care !

I pulled into the doctors' parking lot today and parked next to an Aston Martin. Guy comes right up to me asking "Is that a Tesla? It is so beautiful!" An Aston is not common there, but it didn't stand out next to the Tesla, and I don't envy them anymore. I would rather have my S, and don't ever see myself buying an ICE again. It's over.

sluttered? slaughtered? You have a private spelling dictionary, it seems.

@ Brian H,

Re. July10; Come on, don't such a troll!

"Sluttered" was just too much. Unless it's slaughter-house slang I've never heard of! >:(

@Brian H

Problem is that your plog up this forum with your criticism of people that make up words.

Actually, I love made-up words. If it's deliberate and clever. The opposite of that -- not so much.

The proper phrase is "Pigs get electrified."

Or it might be "Pigs get electrocuted."

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