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It's Time to Build Your Model S

Apologies if there's already a thread for this, but I just got my notification

It's time to have some fun designing and finalizing your Model S. We have made the entire process available online from anywhere with an internet connection.


The days of having to stop into an auto dealer to buy a car are over. We have made the entire process available from anywhere with an internet connection. You can design your car, request paperwork and even sign your paperwork from the comfort of your home. If you have not designed your Model S yet, you can start right here. If you already designed your car and are ready to request paperwork, just click here to continue the process.


We want this process to be fun and easy so if you have any questions we're here to help. If you prefer to walk through the process with an experienced Product Specialist, just give us a call at 888.771.2505, email us, or stop by one of our stores.

This is a very exciting next step and we look forward to sharing it with you. In just a few short months, you'll be one of the very first drivers on the planet to experience the fun and exhilaration of Model S. Let's get your car on the road!


Tesla Product Specialist Team

Now off to make some choices... P779

he's just saying whether you get the email or not is determined whether you have something currently designed. Of course, you can finalize a completely different "mix".

And I'm disagreeing. Getting the finalize email depends on your reservation number and nothing more. Designing your car before you finalize is just for "fun", and doesn't affect anything.

gregv64 is correct. It is all about your reservation number. I got my email 6 hours AFTER I had finalized the configuration. It seems they send them out in batches whereas the button on your garage home page is being activated the moment your reservation number is up.

Yes and no. People with higher number were not called to configure while people with lower numbers were. Any reason why? If they don't look on preliminary configuration sending invitations to configure, why people with 85 air suspension etc. get invitations earlier.

No, I don't believe there was ever a time when people with higher numbers were not called to configure and lower numbers were. I've been following the invitations very closely waiting for my number to come up, and at the end of every day you can see exactly what number they've gotten to, and all the people up to that number have been called to configure. Nobody got invitations to configure any earlier than anybody else. I think you're confusing it with the early production emails.

(or vice versa, I assume you mean lower numbers not called to configure)

What I observed was that for my Signature reservation, I received an "It's Time to Build Your Model S" email, which invited me to configure a car. I didn't have a configuration in "My Garage" at that time.

For my P reservation, I had a configuration in "My Garage", the Verification Button showed up yesterday and the site invited me to confirm my P85, which was what I had configured.

So TM knew what I had planned the second time around. The two processes to notify me were slightly different depending on what I had in "My Garage"


Looks like I am going to have to wait until either next week or even next year as it doesn't look like any Time to Build emails went out today... :(

I am reservation number 12,817

mwillmsn: Any email from Tesla? I'm #12,990 and still waiting...

I'm 12,893, 85kwh, air. no email. I'm guessing they're done taking orders til January. I hope I'm wrong.

I am 10,760 and I got my e-mail to build about 2 weeks ago

I did receive my revised mvpa a little while ago. I don't know what that means for those waiting to receive time to build invites.


@cthiim - no email and no finalize button. My guess is that there won't be any activity this week or next week as they probably have people out on vacation this week and next week and they just let in a few large groups.

Having said that, I am still hitting refresh on my design studio page a few times a day.

Well it's official, I've "moved back" my reservation. Just completed the "cancellation" to refund my original (#12,104) deposit and placed a new one, #16,921. Hopefully that will push my 60kwh delivery into July or August, we'll see. Worth trying it, anyway. The Tesla person seemed kind of annoyed, said they "didn't want to play musical chairs" with my reservation amount so they'd just refund it. Oddly he didn't even ask to set up my new reservation (although that was simple to do on this website - the first one my wife did as a surprise so I didn't know the process).

Hopefully I'll be much more financially ready for the car by then, and maybe they will have worked out another kink or two in manufacturing during the delay.

I am #12439. 60kwh, blue, grey, pano roof, tech, super charger, standard susp, lacewood.

I just finalized and will be signing the paperwork today electronically. Was promised an ' early 2013' delivery date. Not sure what that means? (The early 2013 date)

Originally expected a July 2013 delivery, but maybe it will come sooner?

P179 Can,

Received my paperwork yesterday the 27th
Was asked to Finalize on the 20th
Have until Jan 19th to sign

Red Shift;
That translates as Feb.-Apr., probably.

Has any European reservation holders recieved invitation to configure yet?
I suggest that a new tread is started to keep track of EU , "time to build" and delivery notifications

According to:
European Signature Reservation holders will be invited to configure sometime in January.

nothing Yet! European #P502

These cars are too wide to drive in Europe. We should keep them all here. ;-D


You cost me a rather messy coffee-coughing fit. I suppose that makes you feel a sense of accomplishment! You should actually apologize. I'm waiting (but not very long).



Are you a Canadian reservation number?? Any idea how many Canadian reservations yet?

@redshift, Standard Suspension isn't going into production until March, so figure March or later!

The Reservation Tally thread keeps track of all that.
It shows 200 Sigs and 602 Production in Canada right now. Sigs are all delivered, AFAIK.

Brian H:

Thanks. I started going through that thread but got lost pretty quick. It is huge.

You don't have to read the whole thing... just read the last post by michiganmodels

What is the latest US P# to be asked to configure? Just wondering what number they are up to?

I don't believe there have been any US configuration emails since the 19th. I was in the last batch, 12535.

Thanks gregv64. I hadn't seen any information about new emails going out so I wasn't sure. I guess they decided to slow down on the emails over the holidays. Hopefully they will pick up again next week.

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