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It's Time to Build Your Model S

Apologies if there's already a thread for this, but I just got my notification

It's time to have some fun designing and finalizing your Model S. We have made the entire process available online from anywhere with an internet connection.


The days of having to stop into an auto dealer to buy a car are over. We have made the entire process available from anywhere with an internet connection. You can design your car, request paperwork and even sign your paperwork from the comfort of your home. If you have not designed your Model S yet, you can start right here. If you already designed your car and are ready to request paperwork, just click here to continue the process.


We want this process to be fun and easy so if you have any questions we're here to help. If you prefer to walk through the process with an experienced Product Specialist, just give us a call at 888.771.2505, email us, or stop by one of our stores.

This is a very exciting next step and we look forward to sharing it with you. In just a few short months, you'll be one of the very first drivers on the planet to experience the fun and exhilaration of Model S. Let's get your car on the road!


Tesla Product Specialist Team

Now off to make some choices... P779

@greg. I thought the same and it may end up being that we may not get the vehicles until end of march. Keeping my fingers crossed though.

Dang it! I was out earlier today and just saw my finalize button!

Finalized at last
Std 85kwh pearl white , tan leather, obeche gloss, tech, air, 19in

Don't like the sun, never enjoyed my sun roofs or moon roofs in previous cars, so no panoramic for me!

Not a huge audiophile so not getting the audio package either..

Almost clicked the twin chargers option and decided against it last minute since I don't anticipate to drive more than 150miles max per day

Thought I was all ready till the button showed up and it was back to indecision time :-)

Oh, I am P12704

I called Tesla and got their hotline for folks in process of finalizing and was told I am looking at delivery in Feb/Mar as well

Update: Finalized at around 10:30 am this morning and had counter signed paperwork back by 4 pm. Pretty quick!

Let's see if buidling the car is just as fast.

What an exciting day!
Completed the paperwork on #12,758.
Pearl white Pano roof black interior carbon fiber tech package sound studio twin chargers and a big smile. Guess now I can kill time installing a 200A service to my garage. Going to add electric heat while I am at it. Had a very hard time deciding between the green / tan or pearl white / black. First MS I saw was green and I loved it. The next store I was in displayed a pearl white MS and I think it won over the green but not by much. I need to come up with an idea for a license plate. I think this will be the second MS in Nebraska.

The good news is that we are all getting our cars sooner than expected.

The bad news is that there must be a massive cancellation rate. Assuming 3000 cars delivered last year and maybe 2500 each for January and February and we're already up to P13,000 by sometime in March? There have been a lot of surprised placeholders with Time To Build notices.

That implies that there might be 5000 or more cancellations of the first 10,000 reservations. There can't be that many 40 kWh reservations in the backlog. Admittedly, many of the first 10,000 were made years ago but the backlog appears to be a lot smaller than many of us are assuming. I would expect a much higher retention rate going forward as most of the P10000 and higher reservations have been placed within the past few months.

I don't know how many times I keep saying it, but it's 40 + red + standard suspension, not just 40. I'm sure there are quite a few people that waited for red. Anyway, I agree there were probably a lot of cancelations, but I don't think it's bad news as long as the new reservation rate keeps up. I do agree the cancellation rate going forward will be less.

Some of the cancellations are people playing games with delivery timing and keeping multiple options open till the "Finalize" button appears. I.e., they were not really additional distinct reservations in the first place. Also, some switches to Model X are in there.

@Baltimore - on the supply side it is more likely that production is ramping up vs cancelations.

#10,917, finalized today, awaiting paperwork to sign. 60kwh and standard suspension should put me a bit back in the queue (I hope!).

Get the invitation to finalize just 1 hours ago, am so exited can not right anymore

Time to finalize! #13,258!
Performance Black/Tan, everything but child seats.
Things are moving very quickly. I too am somewhat concerned about cancellation rate--but glad my car is apparently coming much sooner than I expected.

Remember that all of the 40kWh and standard suspension and “New” red are all waiting in the queue. They just started producing the 60kWh only 10 days ago, so many of those are also in the queue.

Just received my invite to configure my Model S and excited by that but STILL DISAPPOINTED that the front center console is basically a track in the floor board with a two cup holders and small compartment at the elbow. Why not add a raised console to keep loose change for tolls, parking etc or a larger lockable compartment? Imagine reaching down to the floor for a quarter a blasting the toll both.
Let's get a console that is usable.

Apparently the "Opportunity Console" option is in the works. Or, the CCI (Center Console Insert) aftermarket solution by soflauthor, is now available.

Indoody! You didn't write write right, as you were so excited you exited too fast to proofread. Deliberately, no less. Have fun! :D ;)

Brian H,
you are correct.
My specs: 85kWh, silver metallic, gray lether, tech package, air suspension
Hope I did not make more mistakes, I am a German living in San Diego.

I'm 13,490 and got the email this afternoon (PST). Haven't finalized yet but hoping to do so very soon.

Ordered Sept 5, Finalized 12/18 and have heard nothing more than the sound of an EV since. Pretty quiet process for now.
Takes time to make the car without flaws on a newly reconfigured assembly line that used to make something else.

I thought it was fast and it will be way sooner that I was originally told but I don't mind waiting for the Chicago weather to get warmer first. I only hope the quality does not drop. A lot of what I am reading on these Forums daily has given some concern. Many of you know much more than I regarding EV's and such. I don't feel like I should have do do tons of trouble shooting upon delivery but I am supportive and I have confidence.

Oh, #11878

reconfigured? The entire line is new, from the robots to the rails. Watch the Nat Geo Megafactory video.

@drp - don't wait until the last minute to get your ducks in a row -- I kept asking about a VIN, and was told on 12/27 (after my window was 12/15-12/31) that there was no VIN yet and it would be 10 days after my VIN was assigned to finish the car. Then I got a call on 12/29 saying not only did I have a VIN, but the car was done and could I send them the money on New Year's Eve.

So if you have to move money around or get insurance, get it done before the window they gave you because you might have less notice than you think.

@BrianH - not quite. The main robot welding and assembly line is brand new, but the panel area is not. The stampers were brought in from Detroit, and the cutters and many other of the mechanical handling machines were from the original NUMMI plant. They had to have the magnets replaced with suction because TM us using aluminum instead of steel.

Res #12,845 P85. Reserved in Nov 2012 and got the finalize button last week. Was expecting a July/Aug delivery but it seems many P85 res holders who have received the finalize button last week are getting Feb/Mar delivery dates, way early! Just thinking about waiting closer to the end of my 30 days hoping they'll iron out a few more of the bump and bugs...

#13,249 - received invitation 1.8.13.... Time to finalize! Very surprised by accelerated delivery ETA. Performance Grey/Black, everything but child seats. I do have concerns about receiving car in dead of Chicago winter... exciting nonetheless.

FINALIZED!!! Was wavering b/w 40kWh and 60kWh...surprisingly what pushed me to the latter was the lovely wife. Let the nail biting begin.

Black leather
Obeche Matte
21" Wheels

I waited until the end to finalize. #11640. I finalized on 1/9 and was just told delivery will be in the Feb/March time frame.

Tan leather
21" Grey wheels
Tech package
Sound studio
Parcel shelf
Paint armor
twin chargers

@antochat - the bugs are minor, just get the car as early as you can and you will get the software updates at the same time either way.

I was thinking of delaying too and I figured that in the few weeks/months Tesla is highly unlikely to fix/make major changes. So as well enjoy the novelty and more months of HOV lane access (if you are in CA).. so if you are getting it .. get it sooner.

I just tried to set the record from offer to configure to submitting configuration. Couldn't have been more than 30 seconds from the time the email hit my mailbox until I made a $100,000 commitment. Maybe I scooted in front of a couple people by acting fast. 13907. April-May delivery.


tlemcke said: 13907

It's interesting to note that before this past Monday, Jan 7, the last reported U.S. reservation sequence number moved to finalize/time-to-build was #12,568 on Dec 20. Today being at almost #14,000 means that over 1,300 U.S. reservation sequence numbers have been allowed to finalize this week (assuming they're allowing finalizations based on reservation sequence number). If they keep this rate up, they'll get to #17,849 (last reported U.S. pre-price-increase reservation sequence number) by the end of January. This probably also applies to Cdn pre-price-increase reservation sequence numbers as well.

I think this makes good fiscal sense for Tesla.

And it will make those of us that reserved in December very happy campers!

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