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Julian Cox Strikes Again Although I Do Not Agree with it All, Well Done

Great factual look at Tesla's value and chances for future success.

It is a great read with good arguments in favor of a higher valuation for TM. Please spread it around to local news outlets/tweets, etc.. I, Like lolachampcar, do not agree with every assertion but there is some much misinformation/deliberately false information out there that it is good to put out positive views so that people get balanced info.

While the article mentions it at the end, Tesla's supercharger network will be very valuable in 2 years when it is built out and no one else has anything comparible. Not many analysts seem to take this into account.

What a welcome relief from the awkward analysis from John Peterson. John, read and learn you dumb f$&@!

Superchargers make the relationship 'sticky'. I am already looking to replace my TSX with a either a TMX or TME. Not looking at ICE at all. I still cannot see any other 200 mile+ range EV popping up in 2-3 years time.

All EV households will increase in number, IMO.

Elon Musk has a great vision and a great plan. The execution has been A+ and beyond anyone's imagination. The expectation is Tesla will continue the similar execution in the next 3~5 years. No one else will be able to catch up with it then. We all know, for good reasons, how fast those established auto companies move.

This might be the best case scenario but many people are betting that there is a good chance it will be accomplished.

Love to see Julian Cox at it again with this new piece, btw - if you haven't read his prior piece in SA, please check it out:

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