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Just got shocked by the CA DMV renewal

Just got my DMV renewal for my MS. Anyone else get a DMV registration renewal of >$700? Is this CA getting back for the carpool sticker?

@Gizmotoy: I bought a P85 fully loaded @~$105k. This was my renewal fee with a personalized plate. Hope this helps.

In VA, we have to pay a personal property tax in addition to the registration fee, which amounts to about $45 per year. The personal property tax is based on the value of the base model car. So for us here in VA, the personal property tax, which is a pre-condition for vehicle registration is around $3k for the first year and the less as the vehicle depreciates over time. I fully expect to pay more than $13k in personal property taxes over 10 years on just the one vehicle.

...should have been and then instead of and the.

@dlake + @Amped:


[/Brian H mode] :)

Sorry, this is a pet peeve of mine.
Oh, and PA vanity plates are a one time fee of $20, not to mention the no front plate requirement.

@daveyb23: Sigh. Now I'm sad. I, too, ordered a P85 for around $102k, but it's nowhere near loaded. Stupid price increases ;-)

@hodas: thanks. That's good infor to have for next year.

As has been stated - pg 2 of your final delivery/payment docs has the registration costs for yr 1, and you'd want to use the DMV info for your local tax component for the tax year you bought the car. Yr 2 that you received should be the expected drop from that - so not sure where the surprise part comes into this. And as noted - based on value of the car, no diff gas or electric.

Did you consider "BUYGAS"?


@ Brian H - I preferred the double entendre of BYEGAS

@Amped. I am waiting for "GASKCKR" to arrive in the mail.. not that this is another vanity plate thread. :-)

$1508 here in Denver.... wtf, right?

Planning to buy P85+ day after I retire from the Army, Spring 2014. Is there discounts for Veterans and which State has lowest vehicle registration and renewal fees?

But BUYGAS would be a triple. ;D

@nomorefueling - You may have an opportunity that most people don't have. When you get out of the military I believe you can 'step into residence' anywhere in the U.S., just by changing your address and designating your state of choice before you get out. So you could set your residency to a state with no sales tax on EVs (or whatever combination of benefits works out best for you) before you retire, buy the car, then relocate to wherever you want. Presto! You have legally avoided paying thousands.

I know people who did similar things to legally avoid various state taxes, get in-state tuition rates, etc.

Consult your legal dept for advice (I am not a lawyer or accountant, but I am a veteran).

@mrspaghetti: Pretty cool perk for veterans. Could save a huge chunk of change in this case.

You pay to get to drive an MS. You pay to get to live in California. I don't know but maybe there is a connection between the two.

Yikes! I just paid my Minnesota DVS renewal fee (license plate renewal) of $1037 for my 2012 Tesla Model SP !! It looks like MN charges about 1.1% of the new car price the first year, and tapers it down to $35 at 10 years. (Just another reason to keep this car forever!)

@Amped Realtor

My five year az registration on the Tesla was around 150 also. It wasn't a big deal so I didn't try to get an explanation, from the DMV girl that seemed pretty confused thru the whole process, as to why my two Nissan Leafs cost $50 for the same five year registration. Each cost $10 for the first year when I bought them and each renewed for 5 years for $50 online.

For the $100 extra it wasn't worth trying to get an answer from the clerk, but I still wonder why they came out different. It was my understanding that all zero emission were $10 a year in AZ. Will be registering a second Tesla in a few weeks and plan to ask for clarification.

Savers over $5000.00 in VLT tax to drive a zero emissions Tesla.

The real nice part was that the first time I went in to register they were so busy I left and didn't get back in to register for a month and a half. When I finally went in the temporary sales tax increase had expired and the rate had gone down one percent. Saved a $1000 dollars in sales tax because the lines were so long on my first visit.

@Roamer | OCTOBER 25, 2013: For the $100 extra it wasn't worth trying to get an answer from the clerk, but I still wonder why they came out different. It was my understanding that all zero emission were $10 a year in AZ. :

The vehicle license tax on an AFV is $4 for every $100 in assessed value. The assessed value of the AFV is determined as follows: during the first year after initial registration, the value of the AFV is 1% of the manufacturer's base retail price (as compared to 60% for conventional vehicles)

So the assessed value is 1% of the manufacturers base price and the Model S has a higher base price than a Leaf.

I don't really feel sorry for anyone in CA at this point since I'll soon have to pay and, unlike the rest of you, I won't get the $2500 rebate (unless any of you have a creative... and legal... solution).

1. Ordered the car in NJ.
2. Will take delivery in mid December (no sales tax in NJ... Yippee!!!).
3. Moving to CA sometime between March and June (depending on how soon we can find a home (my wife got a new job out there and she moves out next week and the kids and I will follow).
4. When I move, I have to pay CA the tax I didn't pay to NJ if the car is less than a year old (most other states only say one month).
5. I can't claim the $2500 rebate since it only is for vehicles registered in CA initially.

So I have to pay the tax, the registration fee, NJ's registration fee and don't get the $2500! It just feels like I should be entitled to one or the other. I don't expect both but one would be nice.

Pretty sure you can get the 2500 back if you register the vehicle in the first year of ownership and pay California tax.

@skulleyb, thanks! I'll look into that. It would certainly make me feel a little better.

The CVRP rebate requires the initial vehicle registration to be done in CA.

Jeff, if I remember correctly from your initial thread, your wife is coming to CA in November or so. Why not have her take care of the paperwork and "take delivery" in CA so the pay the initial CA taxes (which you would pay anyway) but still qualify for the CVRP rebate, but then have Tesla ship the actual car to you in NJ. Would probably need to talk to your DS to see if Tesla will do that, but I don't see why not--its not going to cost them any more..


@omarsultan, I'm waiting to hear back from them on that. Since she is the one working, she has to be on the loan/title/registration. I will be out there visiting her more than she will be here so it would make sense. That would also save me having to pay to register the vehicle in two states. There really has to be an easier way (that doesn't involve my waiting longer for my new toy)!

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