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Just got a taste of the valet service! Awesome!

Having work done on the car, there is an issue with one of my twin chargers. They flat bed a loaner to my house and picked up my car... Will miss my car. The loaner they dropped off is just a S85, I had the P85+. They will also be installing my rear spoiler... Hope it will do what it says, keep it more planted at high speeds...

The MS in brown is UGLY!!! Sorry if i offend... really fugly!!

I think the green looks ugly too!

Brown and green are the two colors I think makes most cars look old and dated!

Brown and green are the new black.

I think my local service center has 2 new brown 60's (at least 1 of them is a 60, for sure). Maybe it's a way to keep loaners at the service center: use cars people won't want to buy. (I think I read they were having an issue with loaners being purchased more often than anticipated.)

Most intelligent observers really like the green and brown. It's a test. ;)

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