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Just Placed Order


I just placed an order for a White S 60 yesterday and am excited! I have a couple of weeks to make a few key decisions. I'm coming from a 2011 M3, lease just ended.

Options: Flat White, Black Top, 19" wheels, Tech, Active Air Susp, Upgraded Sound System.

1. I opted not to get the 21" wheels. I've had run flats and am not thrilled about the 3500 price tag and the wear on these. Is the handling significantly worse on these?
2. Is the active air suspension worth it? Anyone not have it?
3. Not a sunroof guy so I didn't get it. Anyone not have one and happy without one?
4. My BMW was a flat non metallic white and I loved it. What do you guys think of the plain white paint job?


@Asim77: Congratulations!! You'll love it!! I've had my P85, Black, 21" Silver, Grey Performance leather, Pano, Techno, Upgrade Sound System, Twin Chargers for 5 wks and loving every minute. I equipped the car with Twin Chargers but didn't buy HPWC since my daily usage is under 50 miles which will charge within 2 hrs with the standard charger and with Twin Chargers, you can charge at 2x the standard rate (up to 60 miles / hr) at any of the Tesla showrooms. With Tesla expanding their showroom locations among the shopping malls, a great way to fill-up free of charge while having a cup of coffee or shopping. I plan to take advantage of the HPWC at the Newport Beach showroom while visiting So Cal.

The last car I've purchase has been more than 15 years ago and the Tesla screams high tech "car of the future".

Working at one of many SV high tech suppliers providing the solutions to Tesla, what better way to endorse your work & livelihood than to buy the end product.

I have air/pano/tech and would not want to give up any of them.

I have tan leather and matte obeche and I think the trim gets the most complements when people ride with me. I have 5 young kids and no problems with tan leather wear (although 2 are in the far back). I have not seen any B pillar wear in 4 months.

Good luck.

asim77. Congratulations. I have a similar MS.

1. I have 19”s and they are more than fine. I would only consider 21”s if I was getting the P85 or the performance plus.

2. I have the active suspension, which I like because on occasions I can raise the height for curbs, driveways, lower or raise for my elderly in-laws, etc. Sorry, I have not yet driven a standard suspension so I can’t compare.

3. I have the sunroof, hardly to never use it, too much noise and buffeting. I only bought it because it was a defining MS option.

4. Solid White. I am sooooooo glad I ordered this color. I prefer the solid over the pearl (personal choice), you can hardly tell the two whites apart unless you are up close, in bright sunlight. The savings over the pearl white paid for my seldom used sunroof.

5. If my hearing were better, I would have ordered the sound studio.

The MS is a 180 degrees different from an M3. IMO, the only thing you will miss about the BMW is the drama. The MS is smooth, quick, effortless and quiet – none of the jerkiness, performance sounds, and harsh ride. When I pull out of my driveway on to the street, I can swear I hear the theme song from “Jaws.” The MS is so stealthy, it is like a great white shark. I ordered the tan leather, which I like, but in hindsight I would prefer the matt obeche over the glossy. If I were to order the grey or black leather I would order lacewood because it is dark and very subtle.

I'm on the similar kind of boat

I placed my order yesterday and here's what I have

60/pearl white/black leather/air suspension/pano/supercharger/tech

I'm debating mainly for the following three:

pearl white vs plain white
black leather vs textile
air suspension vs normal

Could potentially save me $4500 which maps to about 7-8% of the total value of the car, kinda considerable.

I'm wondering if anyone have any good words about those choices :)

Can't wait to release it to manufacturing

@mkidding, since you asked for words about your choices here are my two cents:

1. The whites are nearly indistinguishable unless you are very close to the car. Plain white saves you $1500. Though pearl is lovely up close, if it were me I'd definitely save the money.

2. The decision here may lie in how much you like the piano black decor because it is the only choice with textile. The textile interior is very attractive in person. Much of it is leather or pseudo-leather anyway. If you are leaning towards the piano black decor, textile saves you $1500. You don't see many, if any, reports of people ordering textile wishing they had ordered leather instead.

3. If you do not have steep driveways, deep snow, irregular terrain that you must navigate slowly, you might find normal suspension is just great for you. If you plan to keep the car a long time it is possible air suspension will necessitate a costly repair at some point if it fails. If I had to do it over again I'd get the regular suspension since the details of the "extended warranty" have now been released and they specifically exclude shocks.


Thanks a lot for the comments. I'm okay with the piano black decor and my only concern is just the finger prints on them. Anyone has the piano black decor can comment something on this?

My drive way is okay. The only difficult terrain is probably on 101 between oregon express and shoreline where the road is super uneven..

Btw where do you find the info about the warranty coverage?

@mkidding, Here is a link to the "Extended Service Plan" which is what they call their extended warranty for years 5-8:

@ddruz - This is interesting. I have been trying to look at a copy of this agreement for some time, but was told it is unavailable in Washington. There is no purchase button for it in My Garage. Yet it states on its face that the agreement applies to Washington!


I called Tesla about that statement re: Washington.

There still isn't anything worked out for us yet but once there is something we will be able to add it later.

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