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Keep picking up passengers

Since we got our California HOV stickers that exempt us from the 2 or 3 passenger rule in HOV lanes, my wife and I have stopped picking up passengers at the local "casual carpool" site on our way to work. My wife is out of town so I decided to see how long the old carpool line was thinking I would pick up passengers if the line was long. If there was a line of cars I would have driven by but this morning the line of waiting passengers was about thirty deep so I pulled over and picked up three very grateful commuters.
Once they realized they were in an electric car, a Tesla no less, the conversation became very enthusiastic. There were a few misconceptions about the car and it was fun to dispel some of the myths that they had picked up about charging times, batteries, transmissions (or lack thereof), etc. When we arrived on the other side of the bay I was thanked for the wonderful experience by all three passengers as they left the car.
I would highly recommend this to anyone interested in spreading the good word about Tesla and making a few people very happy in the process.

Sounds like you just sold three more Teslas.

+1 nice work @David59 - it's great that you're spreading the knowledge. And it must be pretty fun for you, too!

What an intriguing audience you have managed to tap into there, a potential gold mine of customers for Tesla. People who with a Tesla could slash their commuting times and use the carpool lane for free solo.

Not to mention of course that the already incredibly environmentally friendy Tesla becomes even more so if you carpool people in it that might have otherwise driven three separate ICE's to work.

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