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kind of surprised tsla cant seem to figure out how to stop these spammers

I used to administer online forums for a web based business. I know spam bots and unsavoury users can hijack threads, and they are a pain to deal with.

But for a leading edge 20 billion dollar company, surprised they arent on this more quickly.

If for nothing else but to show us customers that they know how to protect their website and software from malicious spam bots or hackers.

ESPECIALLY, when their car is controlled by software and mobile updates. Would rather not have to wonder whether these low lifes can access my car and 'play' around in there.

Well the thing is they apparently wrote their own forum and website, rather than buy them off the shelf, and I'm sure that adding features to the forum (including spam control) is not high on the list of priorities.

Well, until they figure it out send money and I'll bless you with my higher knowledge. I also sell magic battery additive, solid gold charger cablers (market price), solar panel booster coatings and old iTunes I no longer listen to (due to my higher knowledge).

↑↑Flag. Batchit crazy spam. ↑↑

Flagging Brian for flagging the humor!

Who is batchit?

The forumware may be rudimentary (can't preview a post, can't edit a post, and I can't even see how to change my screen name) but they have added captchas that pop up from time to time. I assume that they are there to frustrate spambots. Good on the company for using captchas that are legible to humans; don't know if they are illegible to spambots.

Change your name by going to your profile and entering the new one.

@ Brian. Thanks. I thought that the two menu items under "My Tesla" were only for owners and those with orders placed; didn't occur to me that forum profiles would be set outside the forum space.

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