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Kinda like the interior of MS, it took me time to figure this one out too

My first few days in my MS had me lamenting the loss of all that opulent interior from my previous car. My previous car would cradle me nice little cocoon of fancy leather, wood and a wrap around dash with cup holders everywhere (that did not smack my elbow but that is a different issue). A few days into ownership and I realized I actually prefer an open environment. Lo and behold, the MS was better and now I feel claustrophobic when I get back in one of those luxury ICE cars.

All of this talk about dealers of late had me thinking about all the machinations I went through when looking to buy the first couple of MS. I was looking all over the place for ways to have Tesla "do me a deal". The dealers have trained us all to play the game and I was disappointed when Tesla would not budge, not even one little bit. The dealers have trained us to feel entitled to something extra to close the deal.

Like the interior, I've come around. I know all I have to do is go online and configure my car. Tesla makes absolutely sure NO ONE pays less than I do for the exact same car and now I do not think twice about pricing. It is what it is and I can change my options if I need to adjust the price.

Now I know I am stating the obvious. However, it is one thing to hear something and another to truly know it. I now know I am not getting ripped off by Tesla. They have demonstrated complete inflexibility when it comes to pricing and, you know what, I'm perfectly ok with that :)

For the first month I had the car, I kept nothing below the cubby in the center. The fact that I got in and looked at a flat floor (no axle hump!) was totally refreshing and roomy. Absolutely loved it and all my test riders noticed it right off.

Of course not 15 months in, I do have a bit of clutter, but not all that much. Kleenex for my allergies and some useful do-dads/mints/earbuds for gym. Dodad's secured by a small elastic organizer.

As for complete inflexibility in pricing, +1000.


Actually we get 10-30% more value at Tesla by skipping the dealer profit, markups, dealer's vacation fees, scams, and undesired add-ons.

I'm still getting used to all the space I have! My last car was an 06 Infiniti M35 and while it had plenty of space I felt like I was more boxed in, in my 85 I feel like I have more open space to spread out (so too speak). I do however find that I don't need all the junk I had previously, it was like I had all these compartments and I filled them cause they were there not cause I needed to. I am thinking of taking my name off of the wait list for the CC cause I'm afraid i will just add more junk that I don't need lol.

Are you telling me you don't miss the undercarriage waxing and the blinker fluid reservoir upgrade? What happens if you run out of blinker fluid?

Ahhhh yes, the George Carlin rule of "stuff". The mess we have/had in our ICE cars is of our own doing. Once you get to having cubbies for everything, your life style for the lack of a better term, molds to that. That is why my wife and high never went the mini-van or "SUV" route. We stuck with Mercedes and Volvo wagons. Most SUV on the road are no larger than a mid size wagon, they just sit higher.

@NKYTA - thanks for bringing back memories of using a line editor. Been over 30 years.

@tes-s :-)

I can hardly get away without it, multiple times daily, at work. Hopefully I don't need it in these fora that often. ;-)

I'm OK with the lack of "stuff," but my wife and I can't even both have our sunglasses in the car because the cases won't fit and I don't want them sliding around the open center console area. It's kind of a silly problem to have in such a huge car. I like the approach, but think maybe it went a touch too far.

I like the sales strategy, though. I hate the entire car negotiation process, but also don't want to be the sucker, either. It's nice to know I got the same deal as everyone else.

Agree on pricing. Car is roomy and Iove that too!!!

I feel exactly like lolachamp, miss the extraordinary interior of my LS460, but all else is wonderful. I do have on order the center console for such items as my glasses, phone, gum, etc which I like to keep out of sight. Hope I can live with it after installation.
SoCal Burt

Has anyone installed the console and regretted it?

IMHO, crap always expands to fit the available space.

When I saw that space for my bag it was love at first sight.

My bag no longer had to take up the shotgun seat or foot well. I dodn't have to contort and throw it in the back when a passenger hops in. I can stretch out in the back seat too. Life is good.

@NKYTA: You use vi editor?

There are only trends in fashion and decor but we should never try to define what is good and luxurious. One sample is we went full circles from hardwood floor to wall to wall carpet and now back to hardwood floor again. For me I really dislike the mini-mansion look of modern cookie cutter houses and the button everywhere luxury car cabin. I think I will like the MS' clean interior when I got mine in a week.

hikerockies, still to this day, yep. I used emacs for a couple years, but I never fully used all it's nifty features, so fell back to the old tried and true. :-)


Me too. Vi for my clients when I am visiting them for work.

its nifty

Also, I like the strategically shaped center 'canyon'.

Slide your item from the broad end back until it snugly fits.
Have carried many a take-out boxes without spilling.

Brian H: 27


@NKYTA: Me too! I am a Linux kernel developer. All my days are spent editing source code in vi.

@hikerockies, when doing actual development (higher level, java, ruby, etc) I prefer an IDE. But of late it is been a lot of scripting and sys adm stuff :-/, so vi.

Nice thread Lola. Could not agree more. I was so used to 'negotiating' a 'deal' from auto dealers that I was in that mode, at first, when dealing with TM. I actually asked my DS if she could 'throw in' a couple adapters for my charge cord and rubber floor mats. The answer: a very polite 'No'.

As to room: The first week we had our s my wife kept asking when we could get a center console. Since then it has never been mentioned and her purse resides in the open space quite happily.

Bunch of dang Solaris/Linux nerds hanging around here. Good thing I hung up those shoes long ago...

Now I'm tap dancing in the BA shoes instead.

@NYKTA - no, it doesn't stand for bozo artist...

@Mathew98 - LOL. I never realised how many Linux/Solaris people were on the forums. OpenSolaris was my home desktop until Oracle killed it, Solaris in the office. (I was a Sun employee). I went OSX since its actually Unix with a nice front end. Linux now runs on my sacrificial internet facing machines.

Dealers mark up over what they paid the manufacturer, then give you "a deal" by bringing the price down a bit toward the actual car price.

Complete gall.

@Matthew, what, no Irix? ;-p


Sunglasses won't fit in cubby under screen?
Velcro on back of sunglass cases to keep from sliding?

It would be nice to have little partitions with Velcro that could be placed across open console area.

The door handle is a pocket, and there's a kangaroo pouch beneath your knees.

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