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LA Test Drive

Has anyone been contacted for the LA test drive event. If so could you post your reservation number, so others can determine if they have a chance of getting a test drive reservation.

Received mine at 1046AM this morning. I am #8708. Driving on Sunday.

I got mine today at 13:05 EDT, but I'm waiting until the tour comes to the East Coast. (#6588)

I am #9295 got my invite this morning and will be driving on Sunday.

I received mine at 1:05 pm also, P7065 but waiting for East Coast also

Please for fine me.if this has been covered but what is the process of declining an invitation to a specific location if you want to defer to a later date/location. The invitation only suggested accept /decline. I'm #7948 and just got an invitation to la this weekend. I'd prefer to wait for the washing d.c, new york or Miami dates.

Capt601 | June 24, 2012 new

P2982 and reserved Saturday the 30th at 10 AM. Wife is a little disappointed she can't drive also. But I'll make my drive worthwhile for her!!

So, you make a plan. Halfway thru the drive, you pull over, and you and your wife do a fast switch. What're they going to do? Cancel your reservation? >:)

@BrianH - great plan, but than i would have to share with her! shes already been told, no talking speedometer from the backseat :)

@c2tb:"The invitation only suggested accept /decline

If you select Decline, then it takes you to a web page which gives you a choice of deferring or opting out of further emails.

Thank you @ Alex k.

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