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Las Vegas to Bellevue, WA

In early August I am driving to Bellevue, WA and have the Supercharger route all mapped out. I am looking for guidance on hotels or other charging options while I am in the Bellevue area. Appreciate any help.

Plug share shows a ton of J1772's plus there is a service center in Bellevue and I was told they will let you charge. How long will you be staying? Hope you have a great trip!! Keep us informed, maybe on the owners site and perhaps if you have time, some of us could meet you for a "Tesla lunch"

In Kirkland, the artsy restaurant town a few miles north of Bellevue on Lake Washington, there is two Clipper Creek CS-100 chargers up on the hill above town that you can use for free.

They will automatically charge up to 70A, but after initiation, you can hit the start button again and they will ramp up to 80A if you have 80A set as your charging rate in your car.

They are the fastest chargers on the Eastside besides what is available at Tesla. It is a bit of a walk to the waterfront downtown. I only know of the chargers being full one time. It is usually one car at a time.

Two chargers and 4 EV parking spots makes for less ICEing problems. You will find them on Plugshare.

Those chargers are proof positive that if you put in a fast charger, the Teslas will come.

The other option is that you can use the really slow pay chargers on the scenic waterfront. The Teslas go for the big juice on the hill.

There are Tesla charging stations on the ground floor of Bellevue Square Mall parking lot at the corner of 8th and Bellevue Way. Everything including some good quality dining and hotels are just a short walk away and you don't even have to go outside to reach them.
There are non Tesla charging stations on the other side of Bellevue Square (west) on the second floor too.

I believe that the Tesla stations in Bellevue Square Mall are available 24/7, and that it's a reasonably safe place to leave a car overnight. East-siders will correct me if I'm wrong about this.

I haven't been there in a while. The chargers were limited to test drive vehicles for a while and it was a call ahead situation.

Has there been new installations? I only go to BS about once a year anymore. Most visits were to see Tesla in recent years.

Captain_Zap. Can you narrow down the location of the two Clipper Creek chargers in Kirkland. I moved from Woodinville seven years ago and have dined in Kirkland many times so am familiar with the town. During a trip to Scottsdale I used the chargers at the Tesla Showroom several times and could use the Bellevue Mall as a fallback. Thanks folks.

The charging stations are not visible from the road. On 6th, just South of the railroad tracks, you turn East into the uphill driveway to the parking lot.

I think it used to be the Kirkland City Hall or jail or some government building before.

Captain_Zap. Thank you printed. I will let you know how it worked for me during my trip next month.

I noticed that the map listed two businesses.
The chargers are at NYTEC.

Its easy to remember. Not Your Typical Engineering Company.

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