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Latest Delivery in Washington

Who has the most recent delivery in Washington?

VIN 692 delivered yesterday. Black Performance S, black interior, carbon fiber, 21 inch carbon wheels, only the parcel shelf missing. What else am I supposed to be telling you all? My head is still spinning from the excitement and the thrill of driving!

CONGRATULATIONS !! Its been a long wait for you...time for you to do the happy dance. Car sounds wicked cool, I still like my sig red better though. :)

Congrats @epley!!! And don't worry, it only gets better the more you drive it! B-)

Anybody been doing any sleuthing around the store or the shop. My car should have just arrived along with some others in the last day or so. I don't have a final date yet.

I'm wondering if the floods will shut down I-5 this week. I hate it when that happens!

How do you track production? How many cars are finished in a day or week?

The only way we have of tracking production are updates from Tesla and VIN numbers from those who are getting them...

Go here:

Below is a VERY relevant posting from the Tesla Motors Club forum:

Quote Originally Posted by walla2 View Post
Spoiler. My DS told me around 20 cars arrived in Seattle for delivery. He was going to contact a lot of owners tonight and tomorrow as a surprise.

And my response (I'm actually inkynote but have to use my husbands sign-in here to access the Washington forum):

Gah! You're killing me! (in a fun way) Telling myself, "January." while hoping, "Tomorrow!")

I'm P2159 and VIN 1628. My delivery window starts on Friday and runs through December 21st. Fingers crossed my car may be one of the ones in Seattle.

I would walk there from bellingham to pick it up!

Very excited just now.

Wow--they're getting up there in numbers! So cool to see this!

P2159 VIN 1682 picked up from Seattle yesterday.

I keep pinching myself - This car is amazing!

Apparently there are approximately 30 S's in WA state right now, but that number will be closer to 200, by the end of this month.....

Congrats. I'm going through the pre-delivery process now, I'm keeping my expectations in check. I won't be dissappointed if I don't get the car this year, but I can be cautiously hopeful.

P1782. Going to pick up my car on Saturday! Then drive it 210 miles back home! I've been waiting nearly 3 years for this, very excited!

p1944. Delivered 12/15. Late afternoon. 50 miles put on in the dark. Sleepless,new car smell, Tesla smile. Fabulous car.

@thomas e,
It just gets better! :)

I dont know how. Except when I quit making the usual oops mistakes and learn all the cabin pressure settings.

Picked up mine (#1805) on 12/15 at the Tesla Service Center in Seattle. There were six others ready for delivery at the same time. Let the fun begin:-)

Mine will be here on the 31st...#2666 gray with black interior. I'm more excited about this than my kids are about Christmas!

We got our P85 #1462, VIN 2406 yesterday at Westlake. Great staff but we had to bail early on our orientation, thus much to learn on the fly.

Transformational car! I can't see ever going back to ICE.

Tom and Kathleen

Nice, congrats. Mine will apparently be ready to ship soon.

I get mine on Thursday. #2868, vin 2313 (I think)

David70: you got yours yet?

I picked up my P85 (Res#2343, VIN#2264) at Westlake center on the 21st and have already put 400 miles on the odometer. I can say with certainty that I am addicted to driving this car! I will have my eyes peeled for fellow Washingtonian S owners on the road!

I joke that I want to have a horn mounted to the hood of the car, because I constantly catch people gawking at the car as if they just spotted a unicorn. :-)


@digitalsavant: I just hit 400 today. My 4 year old kid demands to go cruising in my car all the time now.

I'm picking up at 10 am tomorrow.

Yup, I'm pretty excited. I should be sleeping, but instead I'm on here.

@walla2: I'm willing to bet there's not much hesitation in meeting your kid's demands. ;-)

@olanmills: Welcome to the baggy-eyed-new-S-owner's club! I showed up at the Westlake center at 9am on my pick-up day, and I looked as though I hadn't slept for a week. I made it home on sheer adrenaline!




It's so awesome. I love the door handles.

Mine is headed to my house (Redmond), Tesla is using UPS. The driver will call when he gets close. (P#8688 & VIN 2677). Congrats all and happy new year.

Congrats to all! I just got my firmware update so that I can catch up to what you guys are experiencing!

Just passed 2000 miles of fun driving, BTW!

It looks like I’m the first in Spokane to get a Model S. They say it is on a truck for delivery to my home. Vin #3157 Res #P7299. Since I signed the contracts and paid them it is a 2012 booking for them and a 2012 tax credit for me. I hope my truck doesn’t get lost on the way. I’ve read other posts of cars going missing for weeks. 85KWH Metalic Blue, Black Interior, Piano Black Decor, Performance Model, 21" Silver Wheels, Pano Roof, Sound Studio, Tech Package.


I'm in California until April, but I'd like to get a look at your car when I get home to Cheney.

I haven't had a close in person look at any of the metallic paint jobs, except for the Dolphin Gray.


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