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Latest Delivery in Washington

Who has the most recent delivery in Washington?

@Tesla-David | FEBRUARY 8, 2013: I found the email from Telsa

You must be special! I haven't received any such email.

AlexK. I am nothing special. I merly contacted Tesla to get information on the charging station instalation, and the Tesla rep who responded (Walter) in his email detailed that information. I suggest you contact him and ask directly, as it is likely that that information is not being widely distributed, and I personally do not know why. I will be following his instructions after installing the HPWC to get the reimbursement.

I intend to ask for this rebate as we have already paid for the 100 Amp circuit installation and an NEMA 14-50 outlet. The next call out for the electrician will be to mount the HPWC at the intended location. My guess is that the second trip and work will be about $150...

told mine will be delivered the 16th-days!

that's 6 days!

scheduled for Sat the 16th at 2. Car is in Seattle

I just found out my car will be ready to pick up this weekend but I'm going to wait to have it delivered. Reservation ~ #9800.

the new service center on 132nd in bellevue is apparently open. I was going to pick up at bellevue sq. but they changed it to the new service center.

Picked up my car- VIN 3999, res no 5912; black, pano, tech, 60- at bel square on weds the 13th.

It's pretty great - only issue is a loose door seal on drivers side door.

picked mine up today (2/16) in Bellevue. they said they had received 70 in the last 10 days.Time for installation of superchargers from Portland to BC!

I picked up my brown P85 this morning at the Seattle SC. Everything seem to be perfect. Looking for every excuse to drive today! I have an appointment to install Xpel tomorrow. I am new to the forum except I have been reading everything I could find on this and TMC forums the last few months. Thanks to all for providing so much information.
My VIN is 21431

Congrats jacobimm, thanks for posting and welcome to the club!

Thanks for the welcome, pilotSteve!
Do you know if we are to get sales tax exemption for electrical work done to install our charger? I had to upgrade to 200 amps and replace the panel. My electrician thought the exemption applies only if we were installing a charger for public use.

You should ask the electrician why he thinks that. The exemption is for charging infrastructure public or private. You might want to make sure that the invoice specifically states that the purpose of the work is to install an EV charger. Otherwise you might get an argument regarding upgrading your system.

It is easier to run this through if you can get the installer to accept your sales tax exemption form (available on line from the State web site). But you can apply for a refund even if you have already paid the bill.

All information and forms are available on the Department of Revenue web site. It just takes a little digging.

Thanks, PatT. I'll call Dept. of Revenue on Monday and try to get a ruling from them.

@jacobimm - Why go to the trouble of requesting a ruling from DoR? Just give your electrician the following form -- check the box for item 2b and sign it:

He has no obligation to collect the tax if he keeps that form on file.

@DouglasR, I did exactly that yesterday. Emailed him a filled out Buyers Retail Sales Tax Exemption form. I haven't heard back from the electrician yet. But thanks for giving me a push to "get on with it."
In the meanwhile I am having great fun driving my brown beauty P85. Planning to drive down to Portland tomorrow. This will be my first experience with the super charger. I am thinking of stopping both Centralia and Woodburn.

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