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Launch event.

The presentation could have been a little more polished. George seemed to be channeling his inner Steve Balmer minus the sweat soaked arm pits. Apple makes it look easy, but they have had a-lot of practice. Tesla will mature and find their stride soon enough. I can't wait to bring mine home later this year, I hope;-)

LOL...! saw balmer 94 through 05 as an employee. Had the same impression, but George didnt have little flecks of spittle flying out. Good presentation none the less.

They are very, very good at what they need to be good at. Public speaking, coordinating glitzy Apple style events, not so much. But they're ADORABLE!!!

The imperfect showmanship tells me they are focused on building more than selling.

At this inflection point in the car biz, that'll do just fine.

For me, George B does not channel Balmer.

George is on a mission ... while the other guy seems to have misplaced his soul.

Agreed, Tim seems a little lifeless and bored, I miss Steve. George and the rest of the team are obviously great at what they do, we saw the proof yesterday, but today you need it all, and presentation is part of the whole package. Again they will find their style in time. Wish I could afford the performance just to see the looks on peoples faces when they see what an electric car is capable of. The RC industry has known this for some time, its nice to see full scale!

Everybody misses Steve.

Being glossy and perfect may not be the best way to stand out in the crowd. Being a bit homey and a LOT authentic and genuine seems to work pretty well for them.

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