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Leap Motion Controller + MS = Fingerprint- free nav screen?

Place at base of armrest, plug into USB port, and control some features of the car and touchscreen with comfortable mid-air hand gestures. Stack two devices and expand the cone of 3-D gesture recognition to include lip-reading for song selection (device currently registers movement down to 1/100 of a millimeter). To roll down rear window, point and snap fingers. For the sunroof? Thumbs up and a snap.

Yes, all fantasy for now, but hopefully a Tesla programmer (or one of you) will bring one of these gadgets to work and start fiddling around.

We all await your brilliance :)

Could create automotive havoc with an inadvertent wave of the hand! >8-0

"Hey Dave, how... Oh no!! Safety brake!!"

:) It could work if its done extremely well, I think.

Safeguards would indeed need to be in place to prevent an otherwise benign nose-picking episode from becoming a fatal mistake.

I'd rather have extended voice commands than taking my hands off the steering wheel and fumbling around if something isn't working at first try; sounds like an even bigger distraction than the web browser.

One word: Jazz Hands

I count 2.

Jazzhands. One word. To be spoken with a heavy German accent. Activates the flux capacitor.


That would be "nose maintenance" episode.

Remember to not use the middle finger for any gesture, especially when a cop is nearby... jk

I believe said gesture has already been reserved for an instant display of all regional speed traps on the nav screen.

I have stopped picking my nose. Lotsa people stare at a Tesla.

For those perturbed by the image of waving hands, think subtle movements of the right hand projecting off the armrest similar to a BMW iDrive but with an imaginary dial/ joystick/ controller in the air at your fingertips. Remember, this device is sensitive down to 1/100 of a millimeter (no joke) so no grandiose movements are required although admittedly that is what they display in their video. Some of the apps that are coming shortly after product launch are VERY cool and will be sold in an iTunes-like store called "Airspace". Stay tuned.

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