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Leasing Options?

Will there be any options on leasing? Leasing is becoming more popular when people buy cars electric or not. I think it will attract buyers to lease the Model S. $600 is a reasonable estimate of how much it will cost.

Please answer.

By the way, even if there's no leasing options, Model S is still the best car and beats the crap out of the Fisker Karma.

Leasing will start next summer or so, and Urp will have it from the start, AFAIK.

What is Urp?

Anyways, leasing will eventually be offered, but as they already have enough people willing to just buy the car (financing or not), and sell through several months of their production capacity, I think Tesla decided to focus on a leasing program later, since it will only add more complications (more staff, more contracts, more questions, more cost, etc etc) for no benefit, since, at the moment, they have more than enough demand.

Urp is east of the Atlantic, where all the Urpeans live.


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