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Hey guys,

I currently drive an X650 and it was no brainer for me to consider an all electric vehicle for work and keep the X for the weekends.. (The BMW averages about 19L/100km .. I drive it hard the way it's meant to be driven)

So I reserved my MODEL S last week... #141 Canada... just for those of you that are doing the reservation updates... (Feb 25th 2011)

The image above (sorry, tried attaching, didn't work) is the LED HEADLIGHTS for the 2011 Audi A8. My question is, wouldn't it be more efficient to use LEDs then regular HID lights? ... especially when we need to milk every bit of power...

Considering the headlights is one of the most important and mostly used devices in a car. Not sure about the specs of the A8 headlights but looks like AUDI is rolling towards LED headlights for all their future cars.. A7, A6 (2012) etc which leads me to believe that, they are better and more efficient :)

Please let me know what you guys think and if LED Headlights might be an option a year away.

p.s: please don't get confused with AUDI's daytime running LED lights... these are full LED Headlights

I always like the concept of using LED lights because Led lights are energy efficient and low maintenance. I have been working in the LED industry since I started my career. So I am aware about all the facts. Now a days most of the luxury car manufacturers using LED lights for headlight as well as rear light.

One thing you can do while waiting for replacement LED headlights is install LED lights in your home. We've replaced just about all of our bulbs with LEDs. The prices have come way down from just a year ago. Home Depot sells "Cree" 40w and 60w bulbs from $9. They have a very natural warm color temperature. I figure the electricity we save in the home offsets a good portion of charging our EVs.

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Why don't You leave the members alone in here? In every forum (not only here), I can see You're always picking at people for their grammar and everything else.. Who do You think You are, excactly? Get on on with Your life and let people in here discuss and use the language they want to use..

Have a nice evening..

@Model S 71 - He can't help it. He's a former online editor. It's in his nature to correct spelling and grammatical errors. While he can be annoying from time to time, he means well and is a valuable member here.

Just don't get into a climate change debate with him. ;-)


Jaqes is a French tag. I take it he's not familiar with all English idioms, and 'nowadays' is one such. MYOB.

Ah, my favorite subject!, it is very good reputation here,
for LED headlight, it is better, we like led downlight a lot for car shop.

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