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Let's Make Washington the First state with all Electric Highways!

Hi fellow Tesla owners!

I met on Saturday with Kent Rathwell, the founder of Sun Country who has single handedly put chargers on every single Canadian highway in the past year. 90 amp J1772 chargers. A bunch of you were also there.

To celebrate and promote this free charging network, he's put together the "e-mazing Race," an EV-only trek across Canada using Sun Country chargers (which are free) that starts in Seattle in early September.

This man is very impressive, and he's financed this entire network himself (largely using the sale of Tesla stock), because he believes strongly that the infrastructure needs to be in place for mass adoption of electric vehicles.

He now wants to expand to the US and Europe, covering every highway with charging sites. To start, he wants to make Washington State the first state with all its highways electric vehicle accessible. And he wants to do this by the start of the e-mazing Race September 3rd!

He's done all the legwork. All that's needed is $40,000 to purchase 20 more Clipper Creek chargers. Once the funds are there, his company will coordinate install and get it done quickly.

There are 3 ways we can help:

1. Purchase a Clipper Creek unit for use on a highway (i.e. "sponsor a highway"). These units cost $2k and the installation is covered by the site. You get a 30% tax deduction on the unit (Federal).

2. Donate money to Plug-in North Central Washington (a 503 charitable organization), the donation of which is tax deductible.

3. Purchase the unit (taking 30% tax deduction) and donate to Plug-in North Central Washington (taking donation credit on your taxes).

I was hoping I'd get some interest from you to either share the cost of a unit or to purchase one (or the equivalent of one) to help make our state more easily travel-able in our electric cars (they are $2k each).

I'll put my money where my mouth is and commit to purchasing (or donating the equivalent) one of these units.

Anyone interested? Tax-deductible!

David Epley

Sounds like a great cause. Where are the details on who/where to donate? I'll commit to $500 for sharing a unit or a donation for #2.


For those wanting to use Plug-In North Central Washington you can make checks payable to: Plug-In NCW
mail them to: Plug-In NCW, PO Box 1064, Wenatchee, WA 98807-1064.
Please be sure to write in the Memo field "Sun Country Plan" so that we can track your donations to this specific initiative.

To arrange physical transfers of purchased units please contact me.

Questions: Jack Anderson (509) 784-1747

Thanks Jack! I may have a lead on a business in Chelan that may want to invest in a charger but they know nothing about the process. Is this something your org can help with if they make it available for free? They are located on W Manson Hwy (150) right near downtown Chelan. Let me know if so and I can get you in touch...


David, thanks for your post. the turn out for Saturday's meeting was great considering it was impromptu. The enthusiasm for Kent's project is exciting. I'm working with Kent to get an official announcement out to all who attended and to the larger community. Your explanation is a great start. there are a few things we are working on before the announcement, particularly updating the Sun Country Highway web site, creating a way to donate on line. I've also been talking with Jack to see if there is a way to do on line payments through Plug-In North Central Washington. on-line donation would make donating a simple click. someone donating may choose one over the other to donate through, depending on individual tax circumstances... more on that later. I will give an update to the links on this thread as soon as they are sent to me. The plan is to move this forward very rapidly once the financial commitments are made, without a dime coming from government funding!

George Whiteside

I’ll donate $500. When do you want the money?

David, thanks again for your initiative.

Here is the official info on how to donate and other details, we've got about $8,000 in pledges so far!!?p=414452#post414452

Help Green All Of Washington State’s Highways In 90 Days!

It’s official; Sun Country Highway ( is coming to the US, beginning with a goal of GREENING 100% of Washington state’s highways in 90 Days! Plans are to move this project forward rapidly. The Sun Country Model removes many of the factors that have stalled so many other projects. The model for the US will be the same model that has propelled Canada to be a world leader in high-powered level 2 EV Charging infrastructure, with the placement of 1,000 high powered L2 J1772 charging stations across Canada in under 2 years, without government funding! The goal in WA state is to “green” all state highways in 90 days, focusing on 26 locations across the state in phase 1. The intent is to have additional phases of the project to follow, to fill in with redundant stations along these routes. Kent Rathwell, Sun Country Highway and Jack Anderson with Plug-In North Central WA are spearheading the effort to find host locations.

One of the goals of this project is to also do the US rollout without any government funding! Kent "paid it forward" by funding Sun Country Highway, covering 95% of all Canadian highways and creating a model of economic, environmental and social sustainability across Canada. This model allows governments to save their money, increase services and pay down debt, while accelerating the sustainable transportation movement.

What is needed the most at this point are sponsors for purchasing the charging stations in the spirit of “paying it forward”. Initially the fund raising goal is $52,000 for Phase 1 to cover the purchase of charging stations, ranging from 50-80A’s. If we can secure this funding in the next 10 days, it is Sun Country Highway’s goal to secure commitments of locations within 90 days and have installation complete by the end of this year!

The intent of Sun Country Highway is to provide the highest powered charging stations that all makes and models of EV’s can charge from. The actual amperage of a given charging station will vary based on host constraints and for the initial roll out, the plan is to use mostly 70A continuous capable units, while a solution is chosen to allow Tesla Roadsters and Nissan Leafs to accept a charge from a full 80A unit.

Progress in finding committed locations and sponsor contributions will be announced by the September 3rd launch of the E-Mazing Race. The E-Mazing Race ( will highlight the completion of the world’s longest electric highway, crossing Canada.

To sponsor a high powered charging station ($1,999) you can either do so directly through Sun Country Highway ( or send a check written out to Plug-In North Central WA, a tax deductible organization, to: Plug-In NCW, PO Box 1064, Wenatchee, WA 98807-1064. You may also sponsor part of a charging station or multiple charging stations. If a lower amperage, less expensive unit is required for install at a site, rest assured that all remaining funds will be put toward additional charging stations.

In addition to hosting a station at my house, I have also committed an additional $1,000 toward one of the additional 26 locations. Please give what you can!

George Whiteside
Shoreline WA

Awesome stuff!

On vacation now but when we get back we'll put a check in the mail.


I'm up for one. In canada now, charging at convention center, whistler. Let,s do it. Check in the mail in tuesday the 20th.

Check is in the mail to Jack at Plug-In NCW.


Thanks, everyone, for joining in to push this forward!

Keep it coming!

George, where are we with the tally? Getting close to $55k?

My check will go in the email today through Plug-In NCW.

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