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Level 3 Charging Station

I am having a level 3 charging station installed at my business. It is a 480 Volt 63 Amp DC charger. "Blink"

Since the Tesla has chargers on board that convert AC to DC, does it have any effect hooking up a DC charger? Is it even allowed? Are there any advantages or disadvantages to having that much juice entering the vehicle? (other than time) Does a DC charger have any negative effects on the life of the battery?

Thanks in advance for any input.


Cold fusion was a scam or misinterpreted chemical reactions. This is not like that, the physics are well known, problems are in engineering not in science. This is a bit like space elevator where we know what we need, but have no methods of producing big enough quantities of required materials in reasonable timeframe and price. This replaces the "quantities" with dense enough magnetic field and "materials" with fast enough energy release from capacitors and "price" with timing to hit the plasmoid with that field at the exact right moment.

Commercialization encompasses more than you think. That would mean modules ready to manufacture, and ship. That's incredibly fast, decades sooner than other options. Most of that time would be in the engineering and production design process.

The P&F example is far different; the physics explaining the excess heat that orginally burned down their lab overnight is still up for grabs, unknown. The LPP physics is conventional and known, with only a new emphasis on the exploitation of a particular regime of magnetic containment. See here for an explanation:

Follow up:

I had a pre-construction meeting with PGE and the contractor last Tuesday (July 3) Construction should start within 10 days and will be completed by the end of July! It will take 10 working days to complete, while the majority of the construction time will be due to curing time for the concrete.



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