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Lonely Tesla in Alabama

The bleeding edge of technology...

Please, please, please, Listen to me Elon (or the Tesla team). Build a supercharger in Birmingham, at the Summit, and I will sell 1000 cars for you before the end of the year. 3 major interstates intersect in the 'Ham (I-65,I-20,I-59). Millions travel through the city en route to the sugary white beaches of the Gulf Coast. I am ignorant as to what criteria are being used to evaluate locations for installations of superchargers, but I am truly saddened to see zero plans of expansion in the southeast interior.

Birmingham is the medical capital of the southeast (arguably), and there is an untapped potential customer base. I grew up around James Andrews, (along with many other very successful physicians), and was a groomsman in a wedding last weekend (last name Drummond, yep, of Drummond Coal). There is massive amounts of wealth hidden in this city.

As a 27-year business owner and independent pharmacist looking into the future, I would hate to see a missed opportunity for Tesla to profit.

Alabama has a 5-cent/kWh charge rate during off peak charging (58% below national average).

I want to see Tesla take off, and nothing would make me happier than to be part of the generation to destroy the gasoline-fueled personal vehicle.

Make my fantasy true.

My saint of mother always said, there is nothing wrong with making a good living if you are making lives better.

Let's dominaTe,


I will buy this car if there is a dealer shop in Birmingham AL.

Tesla Motors tends to install Superchargers between major cities for the most part. I do see your point though. In the South it would be best to do installations at or near cities instead. The geographical locations of those towns is more closely related to the typography of the region, as compared to states in the West. This is why it is a good idea to have a Supercharger in Shreveport LA, even though the distance from Dallas/Fort Worth TX is technically within range of Jackson MS. After Birmingham AL, they might consider Starkville and Greenwood MS as well.

Agree. I-20 is THE major interstate heading west from Atlanta. It's one of the reasons I haven't purchased one yet. I live in Atlanta but travel, just as many others, to Birmingham for business. Mileage wise, it's right around the same distance other SC are spaced out.

Red Sage: A drive from Dallas to Jackson, MS, in a Tesla would be very technical. I live in Shreveport, and drive to both Dallas and Jackson fairly often. The drive to Dallas is easy at highway speed limits (75 mph for much of that distance). Of course, the battery charge is very low at the end of the trip (I always try to end any long trip with 30-40 miles of charge remaining). When I drive from Shreveport to Jackson, I usually drive it at about 65 mph. When it is colder, I slow down to 55 or 60. Again, the charge is low when I arrive. In both cases I have to watch my AC and heating carefully and it is necessary to do a full charge before proceeding. I would hope that Tesla hasn't lost sight of I-20 and expect it to add superchargers for it to a revised 2015 map or see it on a post 2015 map. On the Jackson side of Shreveport there is a good location just west of Ruston, LA (a Starbucks and some decent fast food places) - exit 34B if I remember correctly. And the biggest shopping center I have ever seen is at the Garrett Road exit just east of Monroe, LA. And there are a number of locations similar to the Ruston one in places like Longview, TX on the Dallas side of Shreveport.

The reason the deep South has been neglected are in no particular order:

average wage
population density
routes enable
popularity of routes

Tesla is going to surprise if they plan to install 190 ADDITIONAL Superchargers by the end of this year.

Based upon previous predication, I'd guess closer to 150 this year with a bunch coming online soon after.


For $900,000 Tesla can connect 10,000,000 drivers for 99% of their driving.

A relatively few Supercharges along certain routes, and range circles on a map, are great for Tesla right now. They can't make enough cars.

It won't be until the affordable models come out, not for a few years it now seems, that Tesla will be forced to deal with fast and convenient charging solutions to serve every local and regional driving need. Likely there will be some fleshing out here and there, but not everywhere.

I am more interested in that than in magic batteries and such. I think it will define Tesla's success. It will be a good day for everyone, and sea creatures, when all the silly trickle chargers are made into artificial reefs.


"trickle" charging is fantastic if you have lots. Imagine every single shopping mall in the U.S. having 20 HPCWs. Shop, watch a movie, eat and get a fillup.

Supercharging (even faster) between cities for road trips.

Entire system can be built for $50 Million less than 1% of GM's annual advertising budget.

John G Ratcliff: Thanks for the confirmation! When I was looking at the map, I was thinking of Minden, but I think you're right -- Ruston would be better. I think that's the town where one of my Uncles owns an ostrich farm and has served as Constable/Sheriff (Mayor too?) for a time. But in any case, there should be a Supercharger somewhere between Longview and Ruston, if not in Shreveport proper.

Did any ostriches ever get tickets from him? I suspect favoritism, if not.

need a way to destin...more powers to tesla

Tesla plans to have I-10 covered from FL, AL, MS,LA, TX, > CA covered. Problem there is no coverage inland planned. Not being disrespectful, but some of these places are economically challenged, etc. Tesla has limited resources, so they have to focus.

HPWC network may help in some of these places near a mall, etc. would help to top off in a couple of hours.

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