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Looking for pictures of rear seats folded down

I haul large items occasionally, and wonder if there's any pictures of the car with trunk open and rear seats folded down? Did a google image search and didn't find any. Thanks!

I have a mental image of such a picture being put up on the projection screens at the Model S reveal. Or was this a Model X pic?

Thx! Looks good but a little rough. One thing about fold down seats, if you slight a heavy large item, it should slide all the way forward. From the picture, it looks like there will be a bump on the axis where the seats fold down. Hopefully production version will be smooth!

+1 thwang99. Totally agree.

+1 thwang99, same here.

+1 thwang99. I'm more concerned about the two metal latch-points that protrude several inches into the cargo space. I can already tell that they're going to cause issues by reducing the dimensions of what can lie flat in the area.

I'm more concerned about the two metal latch-points that protrude several inches into the cargo space.

I agree with that, but may be removable especially if you don't have the kids seat option.

The little kid seats in the back fold all the way into the floor. The headrest part folds onto the bottom then that whole thing (bottom and top) lifts up and folds down to the area in front of the seats - so the whole back area is flat. The picture above does not show the kid seats totally folded away.

I'm talking about the latch on the side close to the wheels that reduce the overall width of the cargo space, not the floor.

+1 toto_48313. Those metal latch-points should be removable or not installed at all in cars without the 3rd seat. They seriously reduce useable space. Very good observation.

I don't remember seeing those latch points on the cars at Santana Row. Perhaps they are not present if the third row seats aren't installed.

No point in having the latched unless the third row is there, and I am sure for safety reasons if you do get them that they wouldn't be a snap off to remove.

lgagliardi, there are two pictures. Look at the other one.

Thanks Volker, now I see them. In a truck, they keep the width 4 feet so you can get a piece of drywall in or a piece of wood. Since that is not the case for this car, I don't see the latches being an issue. It would be nice for others to know if they are not there if you do not get the third row - for me, I am getting the third row.

Wait, are those for the child seats or the latches for the rear seats?

I think my Segways will get in there okay...

Easy there Steve Wozniak... ;)

BYT, looks to me to be for the child seats.

Thanks, I wasn't sure about it lgagliardi, and I was just messing with ya Ron, in a Friday mood... :D

That's fine, BYT. Steve is a friend of mine, actually.

Right on... :)

So tell us Ron, is Steve getting an S, or an X?


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