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Los Angeles to Las Vegas/Primm chargers

I just got back from an event called Convene for Green in North Las Vegas, attended by people with interests in clean energy, including EVs. People from government, private industry and utilities were there. They asked me to bring the S by for people to see at the new public chargers at City Hall. Of course it was a hit (how could it not be, sitting next to a Volt and a Leaf). One of the guys there told me that free Level 2 chargers were just installed in Primm, NV, which is on the state line along I-15. They should be operational very soon. He disappeared before I could ask specifically where they are. Even a Level 2 charger will be very handy in Primm, for those who find that they are short on power to get into Las Vegas or want a bit of a boost to get to Barstow. I'm still hoping for a SC there, and it makes a lot of sense, but this will help tide us over. There was also talk of putting chargers at the parking lot for the Welcome to Las Vegas sign on Las Vegas Blvd. south of Russell. I'm not sure how much practical use a charger there would be, but it's a start.

The Project100 group is buying 100 Teslas, and various other EVs, and intends to make Los Vegas a "hotbed" of charging sites.
There were inaccurate reports in the media earlier this month that claimed we had already purchased 100 Tesla Model S’s. We were pretty confident we were going to buy some number of Model S’s even as a test, but weren’t otherwise sure and we hadn’t spoken in detail to Tesla. A couple of weeks ago we visited the factory (which is really, really cool) and were sold. We placed the order officially on March 29 and literally received 100 email order confirmations.
We chose the Tesla Model S as our primary vehicle for a lot of reasons. It’s a beautiful yet functional sedan that’s very fun to drive. It’s also a big computer on wheels which gives us the opportunity optimize the member experience over time and test a lot of theories about how people use vehicles. Tesla thinks like a startup and our conversations with their program and engineering teams so far solidified that they were the right long-term partner. Most importantly we wanted to replace peoples’ traditional vehicles with vehicles that do less harm to the environment than a traditional gas-powered vehicle. Since Teslas are 100% electric with excellent driving range, the choice was clear.
Going 100% electric carries with it a ton of challenges. It’s one thing to build a 100+ car system with traditional cars you can park anywhere. Electric vehicles require power so we’re working hard to build the infrastructure to support a system of this size. We’ve been working with our local utility partner NV Energy for a while now to do that the right way so our system respects our environment.

To avoid abuse and overuse, the SC stations should be placed a bit away from population centers - Primm seems like a good spot and is only about 110-120 miles from Barstow. I glad to hear additional Level 2's may be going in there too. These might be useful too.

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