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Map keeps freezing in place?

My map tends to freeze up for minutes/hours to days sometimes, even though my signal strength is showing 3-5 bars. Does anyone else experience this?

I don't have the NAV or Tech packages, but it is quite a problem on some longer trips.

I have tried rebooting the display and refreshing the top right corner bottom many times.

Thanks for any info!


Sorry, I am not familiar with the texting shorthand RWFI?

Reboot Will Fix It.

I tried the reboot many times. No fix... BTW can you reboot while you are driving down the freeway?

Yes. There are 2 reboots, instrument panel and touchscreen. Driving is unaffected by either.

Didn't work. I have now tried all of the reboots. Will work for a while and then craps out again. :(

But thanks for your assistance!

I will try to bring it in to the service center next week, it is only 5 miles from my house.

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