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Max motor RPM

Noticed that there is a max RPM that the motor spins at (16000.)
Since there are no reciporcating parts in the motor, why cant it go faster?

An interesting side note, but apparently it is illegal to pass on the right on the Autobahn. I had some German colleagues over to our Toronto office and they nearly had a heart attack when I passed on the right some moron doing 100km/h in the left lane on the 407. V.B. the 407 is 6 lanes each way with a speed limit of 100km/h. I don’t know why they bother with a speed limit; everyone drives 140 on it anyway. It used to be faster before Ontario put in a racing law that is an automatic 1 year license suspension, immediate car seizure and a $10,000 fine for speeds in excess of 50km/h over the limit, so 150 is now the unofficial speed limit!

An interesting side note, but apparently it is illegal to pass on the right on the Autobahn. (Stark)

Yes, that's true, and IMO it's absolutely essential to get this unlimited speed thing to work at all. The rules are even stricter: You are obliged to choose the right-most lane possible for your speed. As long as all drivers stick to that rule in the first place, passing on the right is not even an issue.

My memories the Autobahn date from 1964-65, when, as a young man living in Munich, I drove a brand new Triumph Spitfire (picture "arrogant stud"). The scariest part was trying to pass another car. Traveling at, say, 80mph, I would come upon a car going 60mph. With nothing visible behind me, I would pull out to pass. Within three or four seconds, I would see a car bearing down on me from behind, flashing his lights and sounding his horn. There seemed to be an implicit rule that you are not allowed to pass unless you can do so at a minimum speed of 120mph. It was humbling.

@markapeterman, it is software limited to some quite low figure.

It is also illegal in England. I remember seeing people being pulled over for this offense. However that was when I was living there over 33 years ago. However I think that things have changed since. I remember doing 110 mph on the M4 and having cars lining up behind me to pass! Can't do that any more.
Here in Seattle it seems that there are no rules that anyone obeys about passing and speed limit is only 60-70. :-(

lorddeff07 - one thing your thought experiment fails to take into account is the wind resistance.

Bear in mind that the wind resistance increases with speed, and is quite high at 100 mph. So, in reality, it will take power to remain at 100 mph.

@Oak, you actually understood what he was saying? I couldn't follow his text at all.

Another question, this time about the other end of the RPM.. at 0.
If you hold the car on a hill without brakes as many do with automatic transmissions. Will this eventually burn and damage the rotor?

I'm an engineer but not an electrical engineer. From my understanding of motors there should be no damage - even in the long term. This is a brushless induction motor, so no brushes to burn out. You are essentially balancing a magnetic rotational field against a mechanical load, and as long as the heat can be dissipated everything should be good to go.

Now for the experts to chime in and prove me wrong...

lph: Actually, in England I would expect it to be illegal to pass on the *left* ;)

LOL ..Now you tell me ... was that why I was seeing every one flashing their headlights and waving to get me off!

@Timo - who knows? ;-)

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Will there ever be a manual transmission offered?

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