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Mechanical Issues

We love our Model S with the exception that in the 4 months we've had the car, it has already had a number of mechanical and electrical issues. To Tesla's credit, they have been been good at fixing. We bought the Model S with the hope that they would avoid the typical new model problems. However, from our experience, that hasn't been the case. We've had problems with the 12 volt battery, the panorama roof (three different issues), the rear windows, seat belts, paint and a few other smaller problems that seem to have resolved themselves probably thru software updates. This week the car was in the service center Monday thru Thursday, we got it back and then today, the next day, something else went wrong. So, despite how much we like the car, we are beginning to wonder if we made a mistake or should have at least waited a few more months for the bugs to shake out.


you are complaining about flat tire and damage rims , nothing to do with the constructor it s more you way to drive.

low profile tires are low profiles tires doesn t matter what car you are driving, they are fragile and you shoudn't drive you S as a SUV

@AmpedRealtor +1
We need to keep TM's feet to the fire. I've read too many stories on this forum about owners who were not treated well.

Personally, my car had a major HV battery failure in the first three weeks. TM Service staff handled it very well, however, good experiences don't erase bad ones. For example:

TM increased the Extended Warranty price before ever giving WA owners an opportunity to purchase it for $2500. This is simply wrong and there's no excuse. TM refuses to correct the situation by allowing WA owners to purchase the warranty for $2500 when it later becomes available.

TIre wear and alignment issues. What other company tells customers that 3000-4000 miles is a "normal" tire life, and that tires should have extreme inner-tread wear? TM should fix these cars and provide new tires at no charge, retroactive for everyone who experienced the issue.

Buyback guarantee. Widely promoted but only available in 8-10 states. TM website still ignores this fact and promotes it as available to everyone.

Financing. Ditto, 8-10 states. And the rate that you receive is directly related to which TM Rep you get when calling. I was offered a 2.49% rate by three TM staff, then 1.99% by a different person an hour later when I called back. Something this important shouldn't depend on who we speak to.

I understand that some of these things are out of TM control, but I think TM should both stop promoting them, and make amends to individual owners to compensate for any inconvenience.

I finally got my MS back. So far, the main problems I had (sunroof and paint) appear to finally be resolved. I'll need to inspect the paint in some bright sunlight to be certain, and I'll need a few more days to see if the sunroof wind noise has been solved permanently, but things are clearly looking better at the moment.

Since tone is often misinterpreted in online messages, I would like to make it clear that I love Tesla and I love the Model S. Though my service experience could have been better, the Dania service center did seem to be truly interested in making things right. Getting the MS loaner helps lower the frustration level too. I even called the local talk radio show yesterday to tell them how great the MS is and to offer the hosts a test drive.

That being said, there is a point where great customer service cannot make up for lack of results. I hope my experience has taught somebody at Tesla to make sure they actually fix the problem instead of just being eager to fix the problem.

I don't have experience with repainted cars, but I assume if it was done right I should not expect any problems down the road.

I was hoping to see a drop-in center console in my car when it was returned. A console-ation prize, if you will, for the troubles, but no, it was not to be.

2600 miles on mine and here the the issues I wanted to bring up at my next service visit:

Passenger Door – Hard Close (intermittent)
Driver’s side of dash doesn’t mate up with side panel well. Lots of deflection. As if there is a tab that hasn’t been “snapped in”.
Bluetooth Sound Quality (fixed with .61 update)
17" fan running constantly. (fixed with .61 update)
Replace the UMC (feels weird under the sheathing and has had a history of running quite hot) Again, seems to have resolved. checked with a laser thermometer and during charging it was at 137 degrees F.
Turning the steering wheel at slow speed generates some scrubbing / groaning sounds from the front tires / wheels.
Paint blemishes on Rear Right flank
Scratch under handle of driver’s door
Moisture / Condensation in passenger side tail light reflector inboard..

NONE of these were enough to have me keep my service appointment on Wednesday... little things... The car is amazing and impresses with it's strengths.

My car has been in the shop 3 times to fix the same creaking roof. Latest repair is still on going - in the shop for six weeks!

My Audi lease doesn't come due until December 2015. By that time I'm hoping that the Model S' construction issues have been resolved to the point that I can feel comfortable with the purchase.

I'm also hoping for other features to be added like parking sensors, rear camera guidelines and possibly folding mirrors.

4 months with my car and only a couple of minor issues.
- Tire sensors had to be recalibrated to get the light to turn off
- Passenger door would not open from the outside after a couple of weeks and the handle was replaced
- Water leaking into the tail light housing - fixed twice, first repair didn't hold. May still have a problem here, but had to leave the country on business and will address when I get back home. Both lights seem to now have water leaking inside.

Tesla picked up the car rather than have me drop it off again when the first repair for the tail light didn't fix the problem. I was expecting them to drop me off a loaner, but the flat bed arrived empty. When I queried the technician he simply said the loaner was already out, took my car and drove off leaving me without a car for the day. Since this wasn't an emergency repair, I could have waited until they had the loaner available and had them come back and get my car. If it needs to go back again I will make sure to let the scheduler know not to schedule my car until they can bring me the loaner.

Otherwise I love the car, great to drive and I still have the Tesla grin every time I get behind the wheel.

Sorry to hear about issues like you mention. Since they are still ramping up the production line there might still be some things that are being tweaked or new staff that is afraid to speak up.

Frankly, since I ordered my car a very long time before I saw anything besides a beta, therefore, I chose to not get the pano roof. I imagined that it would be the achilles heel of a new product on a new product line. The fact that I live where sunroofs, etc. end up being problem prone to disuse solidified that decision.

I had a bad wi-fi antenna at first and the passenger door needed an extra tug to close. They fixed both those items right away.

No other problems other than a hung up update that had to be removed and replaced. But I was one of the early recipients of that, so they were able to fix it quickly.

Those are all faint memories. I've had 9 months and 10k miles of fun ever since.

Shoulda told the tech he couldn't have your car until he came back with the loaner!

Brian H,
Yeah, I thought about doing that, but I'm retired and my wife's Camry Hybrid was available later in the day, so it wasn't a big deal to just move a couple of things around on my schedule. If they do it to me again, I'll definitely send him away without my car.

To assist readers in when to worry, one might include the month your car came off the line. And for service per se, which Service Center.

I got my MS back after 8 days in service. No loaner nothing. car died in my driveway apparently due to a clogged drain tube.( Air conditioner)I am sure there was more. In any case, 8 days waiting for this fix is totally unaccepptable
To the commment about I shouldn't drive my car like an SUV - Perhaps I should stay away from driving on the Long Island expressway or the Brooklyn- queens express where all my flats occurred. Perhaps the Bronx expressway would be a better alternative??. I am driving on NY roads like everyone else, including my previous Mercedes for 7 years SKL-320, result one flat in 7 yeasrs hitting s metal piece on the road. Tesla service in Queens, NY is on my side, NY and Low provile tires do not go together.(Busy place replacing tires) 19" rims with much more rubber between the wheels and road seem much more logical around here. Did anyone else experience flats in NY with their MS? and shouldn't we have been warned beforehand about this.

Observe the value of reading the forums first. Anyone who spent even an hour reading posts about tires and wheels knows that the low-profile tires suffer terribly on bad roads. Suitable only in states that actually do some road maintenance.

I got my silver Model S85 a months now. I love the car. I do have water condensation on rear reverse tail lights and water leaking on the passenger left side window after car wash. I brought it to SC in Rocklin for service yesterday. The tail lights were replaced, the left rear passenger window was adjusted and sealant placed. The car was delivered to me after it was washed. To my surprise the water condensation was still there. I immediately brought it to the attention of the service advisor and I was told that the lights assembly has vents and that the condensation will go away after some time. I know this can't be right? Later that day, I was shocked to see there is an ugly 5 inches long white silicone like sealer placed on top of the left passenger window moulding between the roof and chrome trim where the leak is. This is unacceptable. I washed the car again anyway at the touch-less car wash and the leak is still there. I recalled the service advisor mentioned to bring the car back in for service if the window leak persist. I am not satisfied with the remedy for the problem thus far. I will get back with the SC for another day of service. I did however get a loaner Jaguar for the day since they are out of Teslas. Any suggestions or comments will be appreciated.

If this is not remedied to your satisfaction get the regional service manager involved. I can say for certain they will keep fixing it until you're happy, but it takes persistence.

The condensation by the rear tail light is actually under a clear trim piece that is contiguous with the rear Tesla logo. There is a plastic piece underneath that that tends to lift it and break the seal. Remedy is to remove and shave down the plastic piece and re-apply. Water is not getting into the tail light either way.

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