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Mercedes Bringing Tesla-Powered EV to U.S. Next Year

Great another revenue stream is just fantastic.
Also a big plus if the total number of batteries goes up. Maybe even more into R & D or more competitors. Sweet. Imagine what EV looks like in 10 year. And Tesla was the one that got it all started with the worlds first EV DD that don't look like it was assembled behind a shed in someones backyard.

If Tesla is providing the drive train for other makers, will those cars use the same charging connectors? Will they be able to use the superchargers? I read an article yesterday that tried to argue TM will become very profitable because of it's supercharger network:

It will be interesting what kind of charge port it will have. With 115 m range long distance travel via SC is not practical. I eyed this car as our 2nd city EV in a couple of years, 2014 is much earlier then expected. Nice surprise.
Maybe this is the exciting news Elon was tweeting.

In the EU, GB said the CHAdeMO connectors will be "native" for the MS ...

In respect to the "connectivity", I wonder if the B-Class will do video.

@Brian H
If I recall correctly, he (and Elon) said native Mennekes-connector (
I think CHAdeMO is physicaly to big for the MS charge-port.

The elaborate Seeking Alpha article by Carlson is a FAIL, because he assumes TM financially running and exploiting the Superchargers. He just doesn't get the "network as a whole, averaged over a year" solar supply, assuming the covers over the stations are the whole deal. In fact, Solar City can put up large arrays wherever it wants to balance the system and supply excess power. So most of his analysis is nuts, worthless.


I thought it was nuts also, but for a different reason. The revenue from the superchargers will not come from selling the energy (since that is given away free), but from an upfront payment of $1500 for each car that is entitled to use them. But if such a payment were collected from a million cars sold in the U.S. (pretty optimistic in my view), that would still be only $1.5B in revenue before taking account of the cost of installing and equipping the superchargers. They will need many more than the projected 100 superchargers to service that many cars, and at $1.5M a pop, the cost of the superchargers will not leave that much left over for profit. Without checking all of the author's assumptions, I have this feeling he has left out a couple of zeroes somewhere.

Still -- and getting back to the thread topic -- if TM is providing the drive train for numerous other EVs (not just the short range Mercedes noted above), you have to wonder whether there will be an effort to get them to use the TM connector, if for no other reason than to influence the charging infrastructure build-out in this country.

Why build someone else's brand? You loose control over what they might do with your secret sauce and help build their brand.. Does not make sense.

@ziggy - That horse has left the barn. TM is already building the powertrain for Mercedes, Toyota, and possibly other EVs.

For SC to be useful you need 200 m EPA... nobody except Tesla builds these type of EVs yet. At this time it is a non issue.

@DouglasR - I know, still wrong nonetheless. Why take your engineers and waste their very valuable time and talent on Bozos that don't get it. Let em twist in the wind..

Fail on exciting if that was it.

Solar City's customere, buying power, are the utilities, not the drivers. Your "payments" from buyers for SC etc. are irrelevant. Once the SCs are built, TM doesn't need to worry about their cash flows ever again, unless Solar City goes bust.

Think of the majors as companies TM is trying to tempt into and assist in making lots of good EVs and you will understand. It is not trying to defeat them.

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