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Metal Pedals

So, my S85 is at the spa for a couple of days and so I have a P85 to run around in for the weekend (woohoo). One of the differences between the S and P is the metal pedals--they look cool, but I was wondering how they were to live with--they seem like they might be a bit slippery compared to the boring, back pedals.

Any thoughts from the P85 owners out there--valid concern or not?


Not at all slippery in my experience which has included rain, snow and mud. They do have the grippy rubber strips.

I concur. Not slippery.

The aluminum pedals have little black grippy rubber lines on them, so they don't slip. They look great!

Slippery when wet with certain soles. Why do they sell leather soled shoes near rainforests?

I've learned to check, but sometimes it will slip by me.

Are these metal pedals available after-market?

I thought I read somewhere that you could have them installed by the service center for $500.

I think they are very slippery when wet. I have tried adding some strips of grip tape to the brake pedal and it helps.

It probably depends on the shoes. I notice it most after playing tennis. The soles of my tennis shoes are still wet from the clay remover when I get in the car.
Wet smooth rubber soles = very slippery pedal.

So with these you can say "metal pedal to the metal", eh?

Thanks for the input. I asked my service advisor and he is going to get me a price tomorrow.


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