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Miles lost while unplugged sitting in the garage

I happened to leave my MS unplugged for 4 days in my garage and found that my projected range dropped by an average of 10 miles per day. To be clear, the car was not used, just sat in the garage for 4 days and was unplugged from any power. The car was not "active", no lights or screens on, no one activating the door handles, nothing.

thanks for your feedback.

That is normal until Tesla re-enables "sleep" mode in a future software update. It was in a previous version, but was removed due to issues. There are lots of threads discussing this topic.

Search for "vampire" if you want to read about it

thanks all

It's worse when really cold, too.

Yes I get about that when, for example, parked at the airport.

No need to pay $28 per day to use garage for charging. 20 miles to airport, lose 30 while away, plenty to get home.

When i think of it as 3 kWh (30 cents) I feel better somehow than when I think of it as '10 miles.'

Plus the way I drive 10 rated miles is only about 8 real miles (hilly in my neighborhood).

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