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Mirror Auto-Tilt

My "mirror auto-tilt" choice is selected in my control panel but I have not noticed the side mirrors move (tilt down) when I reverse the car. Has anybody had issues with this? If so, what solution do you recommend? ...Reboot, Service Center Visit, other?


Read the manual - you select it, put the car in reverse, and then adjust the mirrors to where you want them. Then when you go to drive, it will move them back to the normal position and remember that position for reverse.

Is this just for the tech package, or is it on all cars?

Thanks! I must have missed this. Appreciate it. I tried this with no success. I have the Tech package.

Talk to your Service Center. My tilting mirrors had worked then stopped, probably with an update while body work was being done. My Service Center contacted Tesla and had a correction pushed to my car as it sat in my driveway. I, too, have the Tech Package.

Ditto. First day I received the car, left mirror would tilt but right mirror would not move. I thought something was broken until I read the manual! :)

While parked, with your foot on the brake, adjust your side mirrors for normal viewing and save to your driver profile. Then put the car in reverse with your foot on the brake, adjust each mirror to the desired tilted position, then save to your profile if the option is presented. In my case, it presented the option but it auto-saved and quickly disappeared. Then put the car back into drive and the mirrors should tilt back up and will now be programmed correctly next time you back up.

Make sure the option is enabled in your settings.

Maybe that's my problem: I have no driver profile option.

@ CarlE_P439 - Set up your driver profile and maybe it will work for you. It's somewhere in the settings under Controls.

Although I have the Tech package, I don't have leather seats. When my car was made, it was only the leather seats option that had Driver Profiles. In my car there is nothing about Profiles in Controls, to the consternation of several people who tried to assist me. But I still have tilt mirrors and they are set simply by keeping my foot on the brake, putting the car in reverse, and adjusting the mirrors. Another of the things that have changed over time. I picked up my car on Jan. 22. Try a phone call to Service--It can't hurt.

Thanks all! I too do not have leather seats. I'll try it again.

Earlier, the question came up, does the mirror tilt in reverse function work only on cars with the tech package or on all Model S's? I'm curious because I've ordered my Model S without tech (see no need for xenon headlights and turn by turn navigation since I'll use the car only as a local commuter).

@CarlE_P439 - same here, I have 2012 textile seats and no driver profile (but tech package), and with the 4.3 update reverse tilt mirrors were tied to driver profiles for some reason. Hopefully they will bring it back.

I have tech, and a profile. Tilt has allways worked without a seperate adjustment.

@ Windsurfer, xenon are now standard across the board.

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