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Missing features?

If there's a search function in the forum, I can't find it. So I'm sorry if this has already been discussed. I've read so many reviews and watched so many videos, but they always focus on the same things and I've never heard about some of the details I'm curious about.

Correct me if I'm wrong on any of these, but I'd just like to see some nice features that other cars have on the model S and X.

1. Heated and Ventilated seats. I may have I heard mention in a video that there are heated seats, but nothing about ventilated. I hate back sweat. A heated rear seat option would be nice as well.

2. Dual climate control? I've read so many reviews and watched so many videos of the model S. They all talk about the same things, and ignore so many details. The car may or may not have an awesome climate control system, but I haven't heard word one.

3. Since its an EV and doesn't need to be started could it be set to maintain a temp so when I come back to the car after being in the mall for a while its kept its self cool or warm?

4. Radar controlled cruise control. So many cars have the radar controlled cruise control I'm surprised that its not in the TM cars.

5. Blind spot monitoring.

I know a lot of these will use a lot of power and reduce the range, but most of the 90% of the time I'm not going to need the full range. I generally will only drive 25 miles in a day. On a big day of diving I'd be hard pressed to do over 150 miles. So most of the time I'm going to have power to spare, I might as well be able to be more comfortable.

+1 Beaker ... the entire dang car is missing, let alone a few features.

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