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To Mitt Romney

To Mitt Romney, who's the loser now

To be fair, he was right about almost everything else. I don't recall the total of failed green companies, but I think it was more than 20. Furthermore, before the Model S, electric sedans sucked, so odds were pretty good Tesla was going to be a flop also. I never thought I would buy an electric car, but Tesla has surprised the world with its product. I'm sure Mitt and others will come around (if they haven't already), once they learn more about the car and drive it.

Well I kind of lost respect for the man when he said that 47% of the country was basically free loading bums. I have had to go through some rough times in my life and remembering those when I heard that comment cemented my vote toward Obama as trivial a thing as it may seem.


He may have been right, but the thing that irks most of us Tesla "fanatics", if you'd like, is that they didn't have the facts. Plain and simple.

Or they ignored the facts and relied on our ignorance to just accept that, "Ok, wow Tesla was bailed out, like all these other free loading, grant receiving, bankrupt companies who are now filing just to not pay the money. Oh and Palin says it bricks!"

The general public is not on this forum, and has probably yet to even see one to this day.

That's what gets me the most, is that this guy was talking about something that he didn't even know about.

I applaud Obama for not trying to fight back on that statement, he pretty much let it go. Either that, or he also didn't know a thing about Tesla.

BTW I was hoping that Mitt would bring it up in that debate, because I knew the stock would go up the next day. Guess what? It did.

I guess it's all part of what someone else in another thread was saying, free publicity. Keep it coming. I'll keep counting my gains haha. Ouch my eyes are hurting from so much green on the screen. :)


To be fair, when Romney said that, the Model S was already shipping and production ramp up was in full progress. The reviews of the car were all very positive. A company in that situation can never be a loser. That remark was 100% ideology.

More than 20 failed green companys? Wow, only 20? How many companies fail each year in the US? thousands? tens of thousands? Why is it that a failed company is business as usual, but a failed green company proves something?

Actually, it was over 30.

It's about the government trying to pick winners and losers. The government should be protecting our borders, building our roads, etc., not investing in private companies with our tax dollars (to friends of the administration that give tax payer funded campaign "kick backs"), IMHO.


Please stop getting your info from HERITAGE. Then you might understand that only 2% of all loans failed under the program. It doesn't matter that they had 30 failures.

Also Mitt did not say that 47% are bums. He pointed out that 47% don't pay any federal income tax, and if you are trying to shrink entitlements, it is hard to expect those people to vote for you. It addresses the notion that everyone needs to have some "skin in the game." You aren't going to care how much the government pays on social services and other things if it isn't coming out of your pay check, and it may even be benefiting you. Mitt has given, and continues to give, to charity a far larger percentage of his income that Obama and Biden put together. He has always demonstrated that he cares about those in need. The difference is that Democrats care by spending your tax dollars instead of their own.... ;)

Sorry, last post on the topic as I'm going camping for Memorial Day Weekend! WOOT!

At least we can agree that TESLA ROCKS!!! :)

If Mitt wanted to demonstrate grace and class, he would issue a press release congratulating Tesla and embracing it as a great American success story. If...

As to those who embrace the notion that government dollars have no place in private enterprise, I would observe that it is curious that this battle should be fought on the field of green companies. Hundreds of billions of federal dollars infuse healthcare, defense, housing, education, oil & gas, and countless other industries. But rather than look at all these flows, we attack the one area which has the promise to yield profound benefits for our citizens? All in the name of an ideal that has never existed I'm this country.

His grace in class was shown by his defeat on Nov.!!!!

Getting the U.S. off Midde East oil is the governments business, and every President since Jimmy Carter has pledged to do so. And today its also a national security issue, since oil money funds terrorism.

An all electric car is a big step in that direction. Power plants can easily be 100 % domestic energy as well as flexible in using multiple domestic energy sources.

And Mitt Romney probably got millions of dollars in tax breaks himself. How do you think he got over 100 million dollars in his IRA ? He put his company stock in his IRA and probably avoided paying any capital gains on the stock. He probably also issued big fat dividends to that stock to also avoid dividend capital gains. I'm talking $1,000 dollar a share dividends or something like that. And Mitt never risked his own money, it was always other's people's money.

And I bet the companies Mitt took over got plenty of tax breaks too. More than Tesla probably.

Not that Mitt Romney is not a brilliant businessman, with empathy and compassion for people; but, he was too hindered by conservatives using him as a puppet and mouthpiece for their unflexible views. This greatly limited what he could say or do, which is too bad. We really never got to see the real Mitt Romney, unchained from conservative dogma, rhetoric, and platitudes.

Unfortunately, Tesla got on the Conservatives' talking points, and Fox News, Mitt, Paulin etc were all reading the same concocted script. Now they have to eat crow and wash it down with sour grapes.

Romney and ALL his cronies are LIARS and FACT-FREE. Bunch of scums of the earth, trying to fatten their pockets and few other uber-rich on the backs of hard working REAL AMERICANS.

@rdalcanto What everything else he said was true? He only say things his base likes to hear to get himself elected. Everything he said was for the conservative base during the primary and for the center to right independent base during the fall election. He's just a rich guy seeking the biggest prize in his life.

He could have just bought a Model S instead.

Tax breaks written into the Code did not originate in congressional minds. They were put in there because a presumably large and/or powerful entity asked...and probably paid dearly for it. The tax code would not need to be simplified if it had not been written to encourage or reward people and/or businesses.

Please take note I've not taken sides, nor have I weighed in on whether these breaks are good for our country or not. I'm just saying LOTS of individuals and corporations (are they the same now?) have received tax dollars either through the front door or the back door. Singling out the green sector is disingenuous.

@rdalcanto "The difference is that Democrats care by spending your tax dollars instead of their own.... ;)"

Another Fox News talking point.

How is Koch brothers spending their money vs. how Warrant Buffet has pledged to spend his money? Can you see the difference? Democrats have a heart.

@carlk +1

George Bush spent plenty of tax dollars and borrowed heavily from communist China for two failed wars, one of which was based on lies to fatten up the oil companies coffers. Remember how Bush et al bankrupted our country? I sure do.

Everyone please talking about Mitt Romney's TESLA loser comments had anything to do with government loans. Republicans had no problem with Gov't loans until loans were being made to their enemies.

Tesla has everything to do with STATUS QUO.




Each has mutually assured destruction. Renewable energy and EVs are not in their primary interest.


OK, since this has already gone way off topic for the forum:

It was my recollection that the hopeful runner-up billionaire tax-evader's first name is spelled with a "U". He certainly should have earned that honor when he transported his dog on the woof whack and hosed him down at pit stops. Let him eat it up, is all I'm sayin.

Or has anyone ever seen Big Biff Romney bet his own last hard-earned big money into a project, like ... oh let me think here ... Elon? Anyone?

Good thing this person is not eligible to vote in such races.

Romney is not a "scums of the earth", come on now.

I do think conservatives are trying to stall the economy with cuts and austeriterity too soon al la Grecian and southern European style. An improving economy hurts conservative whitehouse asperations.

Instead I would think at least conservatives would be willing to do paygo stimulus for proven jobs projects that need to be done anyway. But that might improve the economy. Premature spending cuts keep the economy stalled, which is politically good for conservatives.

Take Governor Huckabee, he was for building a second Interstate I-95 corridor to relieve heavy traffic congestion. Interest rates will never be lower. The government could even sell the project for a nice profit to a private company, to run as a toll road.

Then the conservatives reigned the Governor in, the project labeled as deficit spending, even though the government could make money on the project ! That idea was taken out because it might work and help stimulate the economy.

In my opinion, that is what's going on. Remember that next time your stuck in 20 miles of rush hour traffic between Baltimore and Washington DC. You could be breezing through on a new interstate, fully paid for, at a profit to the treasury, improving the local economies, etc, etc.

If you want to breeze thru traffic now, your only chance is you'll have to buy a Tesla and hope your allowed to use the HOV lane.


I agree, but since they are deliberately trying to stall the economy, when do we get to hang them for Treason?

Wow, I'm starting to get the sense from these comments that the fact that I might lean conservatively and did not vote for President Obama, that I might not fit in with this "club."

But that's ok, because I just want the car because:

i) It is cool,
ii) It has cutting edge technology,
iii) It is different than what else is on the road,
iv) It is electric and won't pollute (as much, but I still get my electricity which is perhaps generated from fossil fuels),
v) It will be a novelty and a savings to forever pass by fuel stations from now on,
vi) It is fast and quiet at the same time (which I initially thought I wouldn't like until I tried it), and....most importantly....
vii) My wife likes the Model S a lot.

Back into my corner....

I do not care personally who voted for who I think our country as a whole is to dived over political party.

ferrari308driver, you really do fit in the "club"... Not everyone is as religious as some on this thread. We all are connected with our appreciation of Tesla. Really great to have all the different views.


I think most of the people in the "club" just don't like the brand of know-nothing that the Republican party is selling these days, but many may consider themselves a Republican of a different time.

Nobody was mentioning anything about our current President, good or bad.

Mitt & others in his party have been terrible to Tesla.

@ferrari308driver Good that you feel this way but this club may not exist if your party got their way. Just think about it.

@SamoSam One of them is right here. Senior Bush was the last Republican president I voted for. In my mind the party went down hill ever since. I can't believe Newt Gingrich after all the things he did is still around.


The only thing you have to agree about in this CLUB is your love of the Model S.

That's the easy part.

Yes. Isn't that how we should look at our country too?

Do I want my government to pick winners and losers?

Hell, yes I do!

I want my government to put my tax money in the winners, not the losers.

I am a staunch atheist and a huge fan of Ayn Rand. I voted for Obama but I am mostly centrist.

I hate the Republican Party for a few reasons: they pretend they have 'principles' (really, they just can't stand Obama, that's all)
They single out green tech for deriding and have done so for a long time, for no other reason than to appease the oil industry.
There are many others, but these are the top two for me.

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