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Model S 1/24 scale model

Hi All!

Tesla Model S 1/24 scale model
Tesla Model S 1/24 scale model
Tesla Model S 1/24 scale model

We are ModellingMaster scale models team, and we are literally in love with scale models hobby. You can check our previous engineered and built automotive models on our site:

Nissan 240 RS Rally

Ferrari 308 GR4

Porsche 959 Dakar

As long as Tesla Model S is becoming popular and few our friends have purchased one, we decided to design and manufacture 1/24 scale model with highly-precised details including opening doors, trunk and frunk, rolling and turning wheels. Also we are intending that our friends can customize their scale models with aftermarket wheels by Aoshima, Fujimi and HobbyDesign -- because it rocks :)

What do you think about such model? We plan to finish 3D-design next week and start printing the master-model.

Constantine Firun

Looks promising. At first I was going to ask why the front fenders look chunky and not lining up with the headlights, but then realized the headlights are missing.

Would be interested in seeing a finished product, in blue with the stock 19s, not that happens be to my car.......... :-)

I'd get one as long as you have cup holders in there :D

where will it ship from, and do you have a rough estimate of price?

I would be extremely interested in this. I've been fortunate enough to have found scale models of every car I've owned (in the actual color of the car) and have proudly displayed them in my office. I've been asked numerous times "where's the Tesla model"??!! Is it possible to be a 1/18" scale as opposed to a 1/24" scale?


Yup I would be interested.

we are shipping from St.Petersburg, Russia directly or through our partners hobby-shops like
Usually it takes about 2 weeks to ship a model by mail.

Our rough price estimates is about 100 Euros (135 USD) for assembled model according to client's order on body and interior color & wheels.

@constantine, thanks!

We are considering 1/18 & 1/43 scales also. 1/24 is our favourite and technically we can scale it to 1/18 without many problems (the model will be still full-open) and to 1/43 with some alterations (it won't have opening doors, but as a challenge we can try full-open 1/43).

I would be interested. I am not sure if the pic you posted is the completed body-in-white, but the bottom half of the nose is not right (light cluster, air intakes, chin spoiler).


Looks good. I should point out the nose cone is v1 (on the first 1000 cars or so), and then the design changed to be more rounded at the start of 2013. A subtle difference that I doubt anyone cares about!

Can one use it as a fob?

You'd have to squish it to credit card form factor to use as a fob...

I would be interested in a 1/18 signature red with the fan wheels. Thanks for making this happen.
Thanks for correction! We will review and correct nose cone.

Any chance of making the battery removable and/or showing the drive train This would make it much more interesting to show people instead of a photo

I have one of my last car. It is very nice. Same color and everything!

Yes, Sig Red please!

I gave up the old car, but not the model.

I am definitely interested.

I'm definitely interested, especially if I could lift off the body to show the wheels, battery and drive train, just like the full-size cars in the Tesla stores and galleries.

Ditto fredtowers!

Add another customer for @fredtowers design.

Color me intrigued.

Count me in too at 1/18 scale.

Yep, me too!

What are you using as your basis for the master spec? Actual cad drawings of the car from Tesla? 3D Scans etc?

This Tesla Model seems kind of rough, with the "panels" not fitting well (look at the gaps where edges meet).

Worth maybe USD 20.

Compare with this scale model of a Toyota 86 GT Limited Asian Version RHD 1/18 Grey Metallic
(Random example)

Look at the tight fitting of the panels.

My preference has always been 1/25 scale model cars. That is the scale that most promo models were made for years. Many companies made 1/25 scale model cars to assemble.

My second choice would be 1/18 scale.

Please let us know when they are ready.

Thank you!

All our other models are diecast and about 9 or 10 inches long and sit on a base. Would that be 18/1?

Yes, Signature Red please! But ALL Sig Reds should be made with nosecone v1 to be authentic.

Hey, Autoart models are nice and don't count the end product on 3D of master-model which will be handled by hand after 3D-printing. You can not print a model with tight fitting right from the printer without any handwork, thus we've with our previous experience included simplifications to 3D model, which we eliminate by handwork.
I've intentionally attached our previous projevts – do you value our finished Porsche, Ferrari and Nissan at 20 USD? :-)

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