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Model S Advantages

Please add to and /or comment on the list
my obsessive self has put together.

Model S Advantages

No Oil Changes
No Emissions Check
No Catalytic Converter
No Gasoline
No Spark Plugs
No Radiator
No Coolant
No Tune-ups
No Timing Belt

Free supercharging for ever and ever…

Parking sensors - front & rear (starting May/June 2013) $850.-

With Service Contract:
Free brake pads
Free wheel alignment
Unlimited wiper blades

85kwh batteries
Batteries Warranty - 8 year unlimited miles
( Supercharging 150 miles of range in 30 minutes )
Batteries Warranty - 8 year unlimited miles

Made in America

Torque curve with no "dips" and peaks, hence unbeatably smoothness.

No Exhaust pipe
No tubes

It does have coolant and one or more radiators.

A frunk
Cool panoramic roof option
Hidden charge port
120/240 volt charge cord
J1772 adapter
High Power Wall Connector
Model S shaped key fob
Flat floors
Rear seat comfort and leg room
Huge console tray
Perfect 17 inch touchscreen
Slacker radio voice recognition
A vehicle length and width for luxury comfort
Superior safety rating TBA

@mark - Rear seat headroom? Wich car have you been in?

When did they say there would be parking sensors?

Well... the cars DO have coolant, along with a radiator to cool it, and associated pumping mechanisms to circulate it.

So, while not traditional engine coolant (although the motor is a liquid cooled part of the system), it's also not a system that won't have maintenance and/or couldn't develop problems.

That having been said, your point is well taken :)


I can sum it up this way: the Model S seems the best car ever made. That said, there is always room for upgrade and improvement.
Oh look, Tesla is constantly upgrading the car even after purchase!

No more transmission fluid changes
No more "70,000 mile" timing belt maintenance

Blowing the doors off of an M5 for 9 cents, only to get 5 of those cents back when you slow down....

Likely safer than any other car in a crash
Great handling to avoid the crash in the first place
Well designed UI is actually easy to use
Cool lighting inside and out
Never go to a Gas station again
Way too much fun for a car

Re: Parking Sensors.
A Tesla employee from the Menlo Park, CA Tesla store told me that they had seen a Model S from Engineering come to the store with "button-like" devices mounted on the bumper. These would/will be the parking sensors. The pricing was briefly available from Tesla's website. Right now parking sensors are available on cars going to Europe.

Just drove 800 miles for 20 bucks.

Wow. " it's also not a system that won't have maintenance and/or couldn't develop problems."

A few too many negated negatives in there for my brain to unravel. Care to try again?

After a quick drive a few more pluses:

Google maps with traffic and satellite views
Smooth acceleration and deceleration with one pedal
Software updates over-the-air with new features
Adjustable ride height
Adjustable steering feel


That's $.025 per mile.

It's lightning quick, the HP & torque are amazing, the stability is strong, it's USA, it's EMISSION FREE, it's the brilliance of Elon, its just cool's HOT.

Still Grinning ;-)

Super elegant sporty exterior, yet big cargo space.
The coolest navigation directions (realistic traffic signs). Built-in internet.
Enviro-green and deliciously fun at the same time. [Get solar panels or switch to 100% renewable wind energy from your electricity provider for just 1 penny more per KWh.]
Will move automotive design and innovation forward in a positive direction.

Everything listed above plus a cool factor that is 'off the charts'!

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