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Model S article in September 2012 Car and Driver


Definitely not a gushing review, but they appreciate the handling: "The Tesla is a double-bacon porker, but what it does with the pounds makes it magical. Somewhere, Colin Chapman is nodding."

Review Summary::

Count the pages of ICE-age ads in their book. They know where their meal ticket comes from, and are performing on cue.

They can't bash the product because too many are raving about it, so they deploy a "yes but" bombing run..

To appear credible: "yes, the car is amazing"

Then they deliver the intended payload: "But, they'll probably go out of business and you'll be SOL".

Objective: "Don't buy this car. Wait until our old line advertisers catch up."

About half the review says nothing about the car, and everything negative about the company they can conjure to provoke doubt. Last time I checked, C/D is about car reviews, not financial editorials.

This is not journalism. The book has devolved into a PR agency for hire.

Kind of pathetic really.

But then, no one bothers to bash the wimpy. Only a worthy contender draws fire.

In my view, this sort of review betrays a fear that the game is truly changing. This ironically makes it a powerful endorsement.

Sounds good to me.

So I bought two of 'em.

@Brian H

I guess you are right, hadn't done the math myself, i was just going from the latest earnings call. Not that I have any shares, but if I had, I would definitely be long, the only way they can go down is if there is some catastrophic failure in the car or the plant itself, but I am very confident in their ability to deliver on promises, even more so after reading the bio of the executives. They have people who have run factories for toyota in ontario, ford, freightliner etc. and seem to be taking every step to avoid such disasters. I think the main idea by Musk and GB was that they don't have issues with the reservations, and won't have for at least a year, issues are with ramping up and they are resolving those. I hope consumer reports has a reservation on one, like they bought a fisker karma, and they give it a positive review. I don't know how many people actually read their reviews, but at least it is an established media which is supposed to be unbiased, or at least more unbiased than C&D.


Last time I checked, C/D is about car reviews, not financial editorials.

exactly, "Car is fine, couldn't find any faults, but company is going to fail, no way they can be profitable with current prices and sales targets, trust us, we know. So don't bother with a reservation, they will go belly up in no time"

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