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Model S - Assembly line count

How many Model S cars have rolled off the assembly line? Is there a running total somewhere?

My guesstimate is about 22, based on the known deliveries and the "1 car per day" statement.

Musk, Jurvetson 2 Founders' event 8 Fremont Tour 8 Other days' output 4 ____ Total 22 ====

What's your "WAG"?

~60 vehicles for crash testing (I presume they did not simply repaint them for the founders series, or the test drive event...).

LOL! Yes, I was thinking of cars released for sale and use, of course. All the crashers were/are traditionally bright orange, all through the frame and exterior, aren't they?

I wonder when they'll crank it up enough to start supplying the stores' in-house test drive cars, too. They'll be in addition to customer deliveries, but probably slightly lower priority. The 1-a-day pace will have to pick up considerably in July, I suspect.

Did anyone look at any of the VINs on the Tour event? LA Tour drivers -- have a look!

This weekend we will drive an “S” at the Los Angeles Driving Event. My question and concern is. Will we be driving Betas or final production “S’s?

Were the Fremont test drives (reservation holders and Press) Betas or Production?

petero: George B said they were 99% production. They are the cars that were made just ahead of the cars that were delivered on 22-June.

Slindell. So the answer is Betas!

Two more questions. What is the VIN # for Steven J's first production "S?" Same for #2-8?

No! Not betas! I was told the car I was in was 100% Production and not 99%

I think Slindell came up with 99% because if they need to move the mirror down 1/4" or add one more stitch to the performance leather seat they will. Not 100% which means they are going to change nothing no matter what the test drive people say.

These cars are production but very minor changes may occur.

Agreed. By telling me 100% the intension was that assure from very mInor tweeks that what you test drive is what you will be driving soon and is established quality finishing and is indicative of final build quality and handling.

The cars were production models. Anything that they're doing now can be charactarized as a "refinement" as opposed to a "change."

Although there was still no manual sun-shade so they'll need to put that in.

@petero Jurvetson's VIN is ____F0000001 or something like that. There was a pic posted somewhere.

I may have to disagree with you. Betas are not final production vehicles. I call them “PRE-PRODUCTION,” vehicles. To me production cars are built and qualify for retail sale with out an asterisks .

It is like being pregnant, not a little pregnant. Either you are …or you aren’t!
To me, it is an alpha, beta, or a production vehicle. Sorry none of this 98-99% b.s.

I would not call these betas. At worste, they are production samples! :) I see them eventually deployed to TM stores for test drives and example of final build quality.

@petero, BYT: Release Candidates? Model S RC1-8 in a Tour. If there is nothing to change, RC becomes a Production as it is.

I always thought Release Candidates refered to software but otherwise, sure, these are like RC's

@BYT - I always thought Release Candidates referred to software...

What do you think the Model S is? It's just a great tablet computer with awesome battery life and an amazing carrying case!

Tesla is selling cars pretty much like software is sold, so software terminology works quite well. They even have versioning like software for different car versions (Roadster 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5)

Brian H - what is "WAG"? My res seq # is 6,759 P (not S)

Electric blue, I believe WAG stands for wild ass guess. Brian H is clever fellow:)

I'm not sure the regular rules can be applied anymore. These are production vehicles, but we already know that there will be an opportunity to add some additional console options in the future. Not factory per se, but not aftermarket either. Manufacturer installed--after the fact. Additionally, firmware updates will play a huge role. New regen options? Firmware. Apps SDK and skinning? Firmware. Teenager mode limiting the car to 65 mph? Firmware.

Like an iPhone, getting new functionality is possible via software. Unlike an iPhone but in conjunction with the Ranger program and the modular nature of the car, some hardware updates may be feasible as well (within limits).

petero, you can draw the line wherever you want. At one car a day (and slowly ramping up), all of these cars including the test drive vehicles, the founders series, and all Signature cars, are kind of "99%". Saying and meaning 100% would be silly at this point: When problems are identified, they should be solved for the vehicles that come down the line later. That's the whole point of the "slow ramp-up" thing.

I agree that starting with (and including) the test drive cars, all cars should be "feature complete". Tesla's product specification should indeed be checked off 100% (not including some extras like optional center console pieces). The fact that a shade for the panoramic roof seems to be part of this specification and has not yet made its appearance is a little irritating.

My gut feeling is that they will go without the shade in the end. They just needed to advertise the shade in order to stop the skin cancer and glare debates. Now that everybody sees what "blocks 98% of visible light and 81% of heat" really means, customers may find that actually they do not need/want a shade.

Now that the Model S is out there, the reviews are great. This is now the most important Forum because it shows the progress and how fast they are making the car. My number is 4309 so I am a little worried my car will even be built this year. I am hoping that we are not guessing these numbers, because folks like myself will be looking for the ramp up in production because right now "one car a day" is not cuttin it. I don't want poorly built cars, but I want my cake and.... Watching all these great reviews and customers test drive is making think I will not be able to make it to Nov 2012 to get this car. I want to see these number grow like e^x, I'm dying here.

I'm 3820 and I am figuring on a December delivery date. One car per day seems crazy to me. What are all of the people who work on the line doing for the other 7 1/2 hours of their shift after their part is done (or before it gets to them).

I am Sig 1212 and I have an October expected delivery date. I know there is at least a 1232 Sig out there as well. With this information I would not expect a P3000 to make it out the door this year yet unless things on the line drastically change between the Sigs and the Ps.

Okay, with them working 5 days a week, 4 weeks a month, from Oct to Dec and making 80 cars a day (5x4x3x80) we get 4,800 cars. So it is possible I think.

They can turn out over 1500 cars a month. Once all the bugs are work out of the system the line can go full throttle. Give them some time to get things going. November and December alone can produce over 3000 cars.
If Sig 1212 is delivered in October that means they will be making P's in October. To me everything is going to plan. There is another post somewhere discussing production rate.

I'm Sig #567 and the estimated delivery is September. So, that's 645 numbers from 1212. Assuming some of those numbers got pulled up as "specials", we could guess 600 units between Sept and Oct. That's much better than 1 per day and would be in line with ramping up to 1500 per month.
In 6 months, TM would need to produce 5000 cars (or average 833 per month). In 12 Months (next year) they plan on 20,000 which is 1666 per month (or about 80 per day). So, by January, I'd expect TM to be in full production.

When you're counting, assume Sig #1212 is produced within the first 1000 vehicles. Your spot on the list may be 1212, but if you get one of only 1000 Sigs, then more than 200 people left the Sig list.

Elon has stated that they will be at or above the 20K/yr rate by December. Which probably means November, too. That's 3300 off the 5,300 2012 guesstimate floating about, meaning 2,000 by end of Oct. 2,200 less the 1,200 Sigs means 1,000 Ps by the end of Oct. So judge your P# chances by that.

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