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Model S Car Covers

I'm about to take delivery of my Model S. I have twin 8 year old boys who constantly access the garage where I'll keep the car. I'm looking for a car cover that would not only keep dust off the car, but also protect it from at least minor bumps, bike handles scaping past, the occasional ball being thrown, etc. Does anyone have experience with either of the Tesla-offered car covers or any others that might fit the need?

I use the Tesla outdoor car cover on the Model S. The outdoor cover is a bit sturdier. Fits very well, easy to put on, protects quite well against scratches, and probably will help against minor bumps, but it is not padded. A little expensive, but since it is designed for Model S by Tesla, and fits like a glove, it seems to me the best option. Just have to be a little careful about grit between the paint and the cover (can lead to little scratches in clear coat). I just wipe over the car with a microfiber cloth before putting on the cover.

Keep in mind if you don't use the Tesla cover be careful about allowing adequate ventilation. If you charge the car with the cover on, the car is expecting airflow from the lower the front grill out the front wheel wells. If I can find them I'll post some pictures I have of the Tesla cover on the car from the side so you can see the ventilation for the front wheels.

Thanks- sounds like an "official" Tesla cover and the outdoor one- is the way to go. I've seen pics of the cover ventilation on the Telsa website; makes sense.

Of course you must first vacuum the inside of the cover first in a clean room, using a HEPA filter, before inflicting it on the piano finish.


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