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Model S colours

Hello Tesla Fans,
what are your favorite colours for the Model S?

My cars were always black but the Model S looks also really great in white.
Perhaps in some dark gray it would also look great!
I would like to see more Model S prototypes in different colours... ;-)

Agree with pearly white .. Hmmm

Nice. Very rich tone.

Was sitting in restaurant yesterday, looking out window to parking lot. About half cars were grey/silver. Another fourth White, and another Black. NO imagination! I am all for elegance and luxury looking paint, but I think I might like something besides what every other car on the road is. I liked the Iceberg Blue on the Roadster. Don't know what it might look like on a bigger car. Also like the Candy Apple Red they have on the pre prototype now. And of course, some people just like to blend in.

I always wanted to have a dark burnt orange '35 Ford coupe street rod. The burnt orange being the same coloring of orange in a Britanny dog I had at one time.

Wanted to name the car "Los Revenue". Incendently, not original name.

I would like a sedan with any of these colors:

olive green (like army clothing;)
blue steel (a blueish-gray that is slightly more on the blue side);
basic brown;
"sky-blue with some silvery tint" to it;
basic beige;
dark purple that's almost black (where you can't tell if it's black or purple, depending on the light it's in).
NO BLACK; NO WHITE, NO SILVER, NO RED!!!!!!!!!!! Every car I see on the roads are these colors. I think Tesla should be unique, not just in the type of car but in its colors. Yes, I'll work in your marketing department if you'd like. Ha,ha!

Elon has been said to be fairly conservative in matters of style. The Roadster started out with standard colors but luckily now is available in many special unique colors.

I saw the Model S at D.C.,it was Candyapple Red....HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!
they also had about 6 color samples...all looked good,,,,

I was fortunate enough to see the Model S in DC for the open house event Feb 17 with Model S prototype . My last four cars black. I NEVER had owned a red car. The car was drop dead gorgeous in "Radiant Red. To quote my wife, "Of all the cars we looked at the last year, including the DC auto show, I like this one the best. Very pretty".
So it will probably be coin toss between black or radiant red. Mid life crisis states get the red one :- )

The red Alpha as seen at the DC store open house was fantastic. I'm also partial to the black test mule that is pictured in the article. Very sweet.

my wife favors the orange alpha VIN011 - the one scheduled for crash test validation...

Maybe Tesla would let your wife have it when they are finished! Might oughta ask.... :)

If you take Discoducky's numbers on that Model S site, and change the hue to 40, it looks pretty slick - the color does not appear to be the same depending upon the angle of light.

Of course, this is a simulation - I do not know it's limitations - it could be an artifact of the program.

Anyway, fun webpage! Gread 5-min diversion when needed.

I doubt it would pass inspection! I doubt Volker wants stuff falling off when she hits the goose pedal ...

My fiancee really, really wants purple. Sadly this is unlikely to be available. :-( I suppose I can ask, though.

Is she a really violet sort of person? ;)

Maybe if you call your request "Grape" ...

Brian H: Fluorecent

Nope. Fluorescent.

Brian H:
So you noticed ;-)

How about "mix' your own colour in the store (Virtually)

Audi offers tailor made colours

I am holding out for those chameleon paints that change shades/colors when viewed from different angles. I even saw this YouTube video of someone that painted his Roadster with one of them.

I would prefer a different color combination (many are available) and to have it as a factory color—probably both higher quality and cheaper than an aftermarket solution.

The Candy Apple / Radiant Red colour does it for me.
Comparable colours like the red metallic of the Mazda RX8 and even better Alfa Romeo 8C colour / RossoCompetizione will still stand out in years to come.

Then ofcourse the interior / exterior colour match is something more subtle to decide on.
Contrasting interior leathers like black or cream are classics and so would Ferrari-like cognac be.

I would opt for something more extravagant like what Alfa Romeo did with the Brera Concept car:
A bit of real aluminium in the interior would not hurt, nor a few classic dials even if they were projected like the new Jaguar XJ (which would give way to the owner being able to download his or her own dashboard dial style - classic, retro, or contemporary, or even Spaceship Enterprise).

In the end I agree that Tesla should try to finalize the car with a clean, modern and - interior wise - flexible styling.

Here's a new principle for varying color: .

Patterned airholes make colors, even lase!

Hm. HTML link didn't work. Here's the raw URL:

A rich looking Burgundy metallic for sure.

beautiful blue metallic
" " silver Metallic
Pearl metallic

pearl.....thats the hot color for now.

Best image so far of the brown:

Everybody drool now........ :P~

Was leaning black with light interior or white with black interior. The brown does look sharp to me. Living in GA I have to keep the summers in mind...

@Brian H - I have to disagree. From that photo, I wouldn't have even known the brown was metallic instead of solid - it's shiny, but it's all surface shine. All I can tell from that is that it's clean. I think this one by Nick J. Howe has that one beat:

VIN1106 Brown with 21 silver wheels brown roof

Clicking it to will open it in Flickr, where you can open a 2048x1361 version - the bigger the better.

Howe's photo shows off the rich depth of the metallic paint. In this one you see how the luster of the direct sun on the fender just behind the headlight and reveal the character lines: along the hood, the one crossing both doors, and the crease above the rear door handle and rear fender. The blue from the sky caught in the chrome, glass and hood contrasts and complements the molten chocolate color; in the photo with the cart, the reflected overcast reflects white/gray and obscures the contours it should accent. The 21" silver wheels always look good, but I think they look best on the brown, thanks to the contrast; in the photo with the carbon gray wheels, they're lost in the relative muddiness due to its lack of color contrast. Finally, the headlight's detail is obscured by glare on the photo of the performance version - in Howe's, it's dangerously sharp, the eye of a bird of prey carved in fine Czech crystal.

I'm not so good a photographer that I should sound so pretentious, but aside from any matters of taste on the carbon wheels and the inclusion of the shopping cart in the composition, I think this is the better image by quite a margin (especially if you blow it up to a 27" monitor or better).

Date? I said "so far", and my post was July 19. There weren't many brown shots about at the time ...
-- Much later. From Flikr:
"This photo was taken on August 11, 2012 using a Sony NEX-5N. "

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