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model s delivered in south park

Saw a promo for south park tonite that featured a Tesla.

Kick ass.

"Wait, is this a #$#$@#$ Tesla? Well push the pu##y pedal then!!!"

I just saw the promo for SOUTH PARK's new episode featuring a Tesla! Oddly enough it was right after the "SMUG ALERT" (the hybrid episode)!

I am excited for the episode. I got the chance, the awesome chance, to test drive one a while back. I enjoyed hitting "the go pedal" as they call it, not "gas pedal."

Hope it doesn't kill Kenny!

Matt Stone was a big M5 fan, so I don't doubt that he's moved on to the next logical step.

Would it be bad PR for Tesla if, when the car rolls off the flatbed in South Park, it kills Kenny in the process? It would be funny.

They will abuse the car and it will end up on a flatbed truck, then they will tell the Media and Elon sues them, looses and goes berserk! He reprograms a space X rocket and stears it into southpark killing Kenny!

It would be awesome if its the first episode of the new season that starts on Wednesday.

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