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Model S Delivery Dates and Sequencing

Hi everyone,

I know the last few months have been quite frustrating surrounding two issues: Model S delivery dates and the sequence of deliveries. Our communication on these two issues has been weak at best. There are reasons for this, but it will only sound like an excuse if I try to explain them, so I will not.

What you need to know is that we have been intensely, intensely working on these issues. A personal communication will be going out today to all Signature reservation holders that have not received their car (or are scheduled to receive their car in the next few days). This communication will explain at a high level what has happened and what will happen going forward.

For those who have been caught up in this whirlwind of issues, I apologize for the inconvenience. Our first communication to help take care of this will be out soon.

Sincerely, GeorgeB

Congrats joepruitt! Enjoy your car, hopefully you'll have time over the weekend to take some nice long drives.

Does your car have the little storage space installed (cubby hole) just under the bottom of the touch screen?

@blurry_eyed, I looked for it but it's not there on mine. I was looking for it this morning to put my phone into and noticed it wasn't there like I remembered it in the test drive.

@Captian_Zap, thanks for thinking of me... B-).

26 cars built earlier and 28 cars built later... So why is it that some customers with a sequence number hundreds later than some still waiting already have their cars? This explanation just makes me think George B is missing something.

Thanks for the explanation, but it makes no sense. And, at least in my case, the choice of interior finish is not applicable.

CraigT, sorry I was over the top, I was frustrated and wanted someone to take responsibility
For the sequencing screw ups and was a d.

What is the sequence number? I am new. I know I have long wait but does anyone know how reservation number 12618 fits in. Would that be p12618. Any help is appreciated.

Michael, you are p 12618, your sequence is that over 12000 are ahead of you, you are looking at a July delivery. The deliveries so far have been out of sequence, but that we believe has been rectified.

You are the 12,618th reservation for a Model S. That is your sequence number. Right now Signatures (S) and Special Signatures (SSL's) are being delivered. Before that the Founders (F) cars were delivered. You will find estimates about how how many remaining reservations there might be in the Reservation Tally thread. (Accounting for changes to an X or cancellations every quarter or so.)

Welcome to this exciting adventure!


Also, your delivery is pure speculation at this point. I hope the guesses @ July are correct for you, since that would put me earlier than expected. I'm #10888 and I have mentally prepared myself for a June/July delivery. Anything earlier will be a bonus!

would be interesting to get some info about P-delivery in Europe

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