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Model S on ebay!!!

Anyone notice a Model S on ebay. What's up with that???
A Model S Signature Performance. Starting Bid $118K.
I guess people are flipping cars instead of houses these days!

This is the second one. I don't think they sell.

There was one for $160,000 starting and it did not sell that I know of.

No tax credit for the buyer and the buyer pays shipping.

There is also a listing on eBay for a reservation slot in the 500's.

Someone has already bid $5,000 on it.

The listing just for the right to choose the configuration of the car and then immediately purchase it for the full price from the current reservation holder.

The listing for the Model S explains that they previously listed an auction for their reservation slot, and eBay took it down, citing their policy prohibiting sale of just the reservation for something.

I guess that means that listing I mentioned won't last much longer.

I'm still waiting for the sale of an actual car. So far, all the ebay listings are for either spot in line or 'pre-sale'.

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