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Model S: Exclusive look with the man who dreamed it.

Whereas cynics think he just copied Aston Martin ...

Sorry - but this ramble is as pompous as Jony Ive of Apple when he starts his design rants. I mean, come on... how does the MS resemble bicycling???


Tiebreaker +1, because only a juiced athlete, like many professional cyclists allegedly are, can achieve the type of sustained breakneck acceleration the MS is able to pull off. For all those that don't know, that statement is extreme sarcasm and has no basis in reality. All of Nickniketown's posts taught me its okay to post things like this...

And that hunched-over, stretched-out aerodynamic pose, minimizing Cd.

And they both use RWD. ;P


totally agree. Just sounds like gibberish to me :)

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