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Model S Features page changed - how the Key works

This just changed on the Features Page: (struck out text removed, bold added)

Programmable for individual drivers, the unique Tesla key is easily sensed by the vehicle, loading preferred settings like seat, steering wheel, and mirror positions. As you approach, the Tesla key commands the door handle to unlock, waiting for a simple tap to present itself. With it in your pocket, Model S turns on as you buckle in to the driver’s seat.

6'8" and named Michael23? Sound like you're going to need a storage compartment for your six championship rings.

Michael23, you could use your profile as the default. In other words, have your wife select your profile as she exits the car. It would much simpler for her to get back in and select her own profile if necessary I would think.

My wife is 4'9" and I'm a short 5'7" but it's still a problem for me. Although this is "MY" car and so she will not drive it very often at all. I can tell you that teaching her to press my profile before she get's out would be a futile exercise. Try arguing about the toilet seat being down as a case in point... :D

This should be a relatively simple fix given the technology used in the FOB and the system running the profiles. Why isn't this fixed already?

I wouldn't ever say NO based on this one issue alone but I personally won't resort to the phone app nor the 'exit' workaround AND call myself satisfied. I might temporarily use them but it would be near the top of things to get fixed.

Mr. Sandman,

Oh, this isn't the first song thread... my bad... ;)

Although I agree it can be improved upon, I wouldn't hold Tesla Motor's feet to the fire so quickly. I think they will fix it, it will take time. I know I personally would love to get my Model S and will be pleasantly surprised when one day it works after an OWA software updates from the land that Musk built.

I agree with others that this is temporary, just reflecting what the key actually does, until they figure out how to reliably detect the key on the driver's side of the car. Detecting the key in the driver's seat is too late for seat adjustment, as Michael and the likes cannot even get into the seat.

All other car keys mentioned here probably need a button pressed (had it on '99 BMW 5), makes it easy to identify. So it would be easy for a Tesla key to be recognized, if pressed to unlock the doors. Does anybody know if that feature is implemented already?

She should obviously learn to leave it up; much more sanitary! (:0

@Brian H, come over and you can tell her that, I'll stand way back with a video camera to capture the Benny Hill Moments that is sure to follow.

Surely she would appreciate that it would reduce the # of times you hose the seat down?

LOL, if I even dare, I will be the housekeeper hovering over it with the Clorox bottle!

Why doesn't the fob control the toilet seat???? surely this should be on the wish list.

Don't laugh; the Japanese have everything from heated toilet seats to ones that automatically lower, etc. Plus warm water bum cleaner spray. And more.

I love the Bidét! Very healthy and sanitary!

what the heck happened to the blue color for the Model S??

I know my wife will not accept any of the remaining color choices (white, red, black) I selected the color blue when I reserved the car this 2012 summer and submitted my $ 5000 deposit..

Hot air drying included, of course.

About that seat training for your wife; try leaving a light smear of honey on it a few times. She'll learn!

?? It's the second metallic choice in Paint in the Design Studio. What's the problem?

And I don't understand your list (white, red, black) options. Red doesn't show yet, and there's grey, green, and brown as well.

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