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Model S Final Interior (Dashboard, Infotainment Screen, & Console?)

Since all of us reservation holders are waiting to see the final Model S interior (Dashboard, Infotainment screen integration, and console/or not?), it occurred to me that the Model X dashboard/integration actually looks quite GOOD! Is this . . perhaps the final Model S dashboard?? If so, bring it on!

I'm just really surprised that we are only 4 - 5 months from Model S production, and customers have not yet SEEN the final interior. Any comments?

My thoughts: It's not unlikely that a) the Model X' dashboard is an evolution of the Model S beta dashboard, and b) that both will share the same final design (with minor tweaks to adjust for vehicle size seat position, etc.). Alas, the Model X prototype and published views of the dashboard do not indicate a center console, either.

I obviously think they built on the Model S, but I'm too much of a pessimist to hope that the final design of the S will feature that awesome looking floating display.

Here's how I really feel about it over at TMC:

I saw the Model X during the event and loved the interior very much.

I don't think Tesla will use it in the Model S......but I am looking forward to see the special Performance edition!

awesome looking floating display (Mycroft)

Interesting. Opinions can be sooo different. It looks more stuck-on aftermarket iPad-with-duck-tape than ever. What's there to like about it?

(Brian H, yes, duct tape obviously.)

Tesla is not Q branch creating a car for Bond. This is a car for Jean Luc Picard.

Make it so...

Trying to integrate such a large display into the dash is, IMHO, futile. Better to highlight it.

Remember that the X is a higher vehicle; it can't be a clone of the S interior. Which brings up a point: what's the "head space" like in the X?

Jesus tape!

@Mycroft - "Trying to integrate such a large display into the dash is, IMHO, futile. Better to highlight it."

Very good point. I think that's why I like the Model X dash so much better than the Beta Model S dash.

I'm told that Tesla is done with the Model S dash and interior. They are waiting until the Design Studio is complete to show photos of the interior to reservation holders. I don't know why they can't just take some of the photos and put them in the Gallery in the meantime.

Well then, let the speculation continue. Love that floating display in the Model X. Hope we'll get something similar in the Final Model S design.

Is an anti theft system included in this pricey ride?

My customer rep said that the newer Beta interior (e.g., the Santana Row beta) is similar enough to the final that, if you took your glasses off, you wouldn't notice significant differences. Of course, I'm quite myopic, so that gives a lot of room for changes, but certainly not all the way to the Model X dash.

Which is fine by me. The Model X display mount is an accident waiting to happen.

@Robert.Boston - Thanks for the info. Does anybody have photos of the dashboard from the newer Santana Row Beta?

I was at Santana Row last weekend, and I thought the front seats looked more contoured than when I last saw them a few months earlier. I just assumed it was senility kicking in again. That was the only meaningful change I noticed though. The dashboard seemed to be the same. I'll have to go down there again this weekend and study it more closely.

@DavidM, I'll get some photos.

I stopped by the Santana Row store this afternoon, but there was nothing remarkable about the Beta interior there. It looks the same as the one I saw a few months ago. The store employee there said it was wheeled into the store around December. Here are a couple photos if there of interest to anyone...

Thanks for the photos. The dash looks just like it did on Oct. 1.
So, if that was 90% complete, I don't know what the other 10% could be.

Cupholders! :-D

Thanks, hope they do add centre console(in the front)

my only thought is in 20 years (probably 10) the dash on the model s will look so old compared to the newer dashes that integrate much better. That doesn't bother me though because hopefully people will want to collect those older electric cars!

Thanks for the pics!!

It's been a long time since cars haven't had a center console (I'm thinking of my grandparents' early 90s Cadillac Sedan de Ville, my parents' '77 Buick station wagon and '80 Malibu sedan).

It would take some getting used to, but I don't think I'd mind. There are still cupholders and armrests. The only thing I'd miss is a place to put my iPod. They might have that, though - can't tell from the pics what sort of cubbies they have built-in or where the USB ports are.

Without the tech package, what do you use to start the car? Is there a key, or just a fob and a start button somewhere? I don't see a slot to insert a key on the steering column or anywhere along the dash. I don't recall seeing a start button anywhere, either, in these photos or in the pics and videos of the interior.

Oh, well. We'll find out soon enough. Can't wait!

@Tom A - I think the car is "on" when the driver's seat belt is fastened, and the driver is present (key in pocket for example).

For those who have seen the betas: What is under the arm rests? Is there any type of storage compartment? If not, is this something Tesla might be considering? In most cars I've owned the arm rests hinge and there is storage beneath.

The cup holders are under the arm rests. If you aren't using the cup holders, just slide the armrest to cover them.

On the backside of the armrest, there is a vent for the rear passengers, but without any climate controls.

~ Prash.

@Tom A

When you have the fob in your pocket....just sit and put the car on D.....

There is a switch in the chair. No start or stop button.

It's possible that the Model X dashboard design is Tesla's idea of an evolved Model S design, but I don't see a significant difference between the two designs. If the floating display swivels so that it can be viewed by the front passenger when needed, then there might be a functional advantage over the Model S dashboard. Otherwise, I prefer the aesthetics of the Model S.

As long as Tesla is still engaged in safety testing, and continuing to make interior design modifications in an attempt to achieve a perfect rating, then I think it is unlikely we will see photos of the interior changes. I think when the release candidate is ready and the interior changes have been completed, then we will see the final version of the Design Studio.


Discoducky, thanks for sharing! The Model S' dash isn't limited by power, space or weight -- not in the smartphone/tablet scale of these things, anyway. Thus, a separate chip implementing LTE may be a way to go, while keeping the Tegra processor for all the other jobs.

That is true for the Tegra 3 but should not be an issue if they get they ship with the Tegra 4. The problem is the release dates as stated here ( they say only available in early 2013 ...

@Larry - When I asked a Tesla rep two weeks ago, the answer was that the interior was complete. They were refining the photos and the design center. I don't think Tesla has been tweaking the Model S interior.

As Volker.Berlin says, a separate LTE modem can be packaged with larger devices that use the Tegra 3. Qualcomm is just causing problems in the integrated device market like smartphones where every mm counts.

But I dunno if we'll get LTE either. I suspect not, which is ok for now. Might have upgrades in a few years.

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