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Model S Final Interior (Dashboard, Infotainment Screen, & Console?)

Since all of us reservation holders are waiting to see the final Model S interior (Dashboard, Infotainment screen integration, and console/or not?), it occurred to me that the Model X dashboard/integration actually looks quite GOOD! Is this . . perhaps the final Model S dashboard?? If so, bring it on!

I'm just really surprised that we are only 4 - 5 months from Model S production, and customers have not yet SEEN the final interior. Any comments?

Hopefully these are just modules that can be swapped out and upgraded since you can't replace the car like you do your iPhone or Android based handset!

The dash looks like a cross between a Lada and a pickup truck from the 70ties where a time-traveller has stuck his XXL iPad to dashboard with a piece of chewing gum.

And I didn't even mention the banana leaf and the other recycled junk.


I have now cancelled my reservation made in 2009.
I had reservation #10, good grief ...

Niels, that's one of those actions that I do not understand at all. If you held your reservation for 3 years, why not hold it for another couple of months until you can see the actual production car in person? Of course it's none of my business, but I can't see how that's a reasonable response to the reveal of some Beta cars.

@Niels, there are over 5,000 people who would have loved to trade spots with ya!

Volker, the Model X is just as ugly and I am sure the current Model S design is final. Cars, houses and other stuff always looks better in photographs so I doubt the Model S will look better in real life. The first Tron-like design had some promise, this retro stuff is simply so ugly I cannot even be bothered to take the train to Genf from Zurich to see it next week.

I still admire the technical design and may buy a Tesla if they survive the next few years and change the interior design.

Check this review: Tesla ruiniert seinen Ruf

BYT, what is your spot? You can have mine for free if Tesla allows it. As long as they pay my deposit back I don't mind :)

My number isn't too bad, it's not 10! I am P1,837, I know others here who are in the 6k range, ouch, unless Elon can crank them out at the higher rate that I have read on here. It's very kind of you to offer however and no doubt that if you extended the offer to others here that they would cancel their high number and hand you the $5k back instead. :)

Niels, I'd love to take the BYB train from Geneva to Zurich. Swiss scenery beats the scheiss out of Chicago-Milwaukee-Detroit. Disclaimer: I market Calendaria (Immensee) product in the US/Canada.
Hoffentlich, the flat-world ipad pasted dash receives much needed contour!


I don't disagree with your prospective. Unfortunately, I don't see anything else on the horizon anytime soon that will come close to what Tesla has done. Also, here where I live (Southern California) compared to where you live, our public transportation is 100 years behind the times, our state nearly broke, and our freeway infrastructure a good five million vehicles over capacity, and getting more crowded every month. With that said, the Model S will be the ONLY luxury car available (until the Model X), that will be allowed to travel single-occupancy in the ride-share lane (also known as car HOV or carpool lane), thus cutting my 120 mile round trip commute time down by a good 20% to 30%.

Also, I am not sure what you gas prices are like where you live, however, here they are skyrocketing higher and higher by the day here, and as I have estimated, will likely end up by this June, well over twice what they were last year.

If I had designed the interior of the S, things would look a lot different (and I have spent a fair amount of time in three beta model’s at this point). I actually find the Fisker Karma interior design more to my liking (other than lack of modern technology), however, the Karma fails in just about every other area besides looks

Niels, you cancelled your 3 year reservation right before the production interior is revealed because you don't like the Beta interior? I don't understand. It makes me your real nma Degusta?

Kroneai, just like software a Beta is what you test and tweak just before final release. You don't start rewriting all the code. They also seem to have group-thunk themselves into that it is nice, why else use the same ideas in Model X.

I will take that reservation if you are offering it up. Same username at gmail.

For what it is worth, I hate that the beta went backwards from the alpha interior, but I am not getting out of line before at least a test drive in the final.

I sat in the beta for the first time this week. The first thing that struck me was the sheer size of the touch screen. It's a bit overwhelming. The second thing I noticed was the sheer simplicity of the interior. With the exception of the touchscreen and the (imagined) road, everything else literally disappeared. I can appreciate the design philosophy that underpinned the interior and the Zen-like driving state that it can induce.

Having said that, I still don't know whether I like it or not. Some luxury buyers like the clean simplicity of Rothko, others like Monet, it's simply a matter of individual tastes. The interior does not scream luxury car but it may be a luxury experience as the superfluous things recede into the background.

I'll await the test drive before I make a final decision.

@Niels, I'm sorry you had to leave the Tesla family but if you honestly don't mind to trade with me I would love to take your spot. I'm #4975 and would love to move all the way to the front. I called in to Tesla today to make a few inquiries and to get an idea of when I can be expecting my Tesla, seems more like early next year. I understand this might not be in line with TM's policy to trade but I'm sure we can work something out. Let me know if you're willing to go through the trouble. Send me an email

@Kroneal - " your real name..."
Let's not make these kinds of comments please. At best it's potentially objectionable humor.

@Niels - You make a good point regarding group-think and same ideas showing up in Model X. It does send the message you're describing. I don't know whether that's intentional or because, like they did with MB parts in the prototype S, they're saving costs by not investing a lot of interior stuff in the X yet. By that I mean, I wouldn't be surprised if S beta and pre-beta parts were used in the X unveil rather than specially fabricated for the X.

There is a picture of the interior dash and open console on the Model S / Features web page. Is this a beta picture that has been up for a while or is this a recent picture of the final interior?

The picture's been up for a while. I think it's from around the Dec (21?) Options/Pricing release timeframe or maybe earlier.

Looking at the actual JPG file, it has some Photoshop related XML embedded in it but I didn't find any timeframe in that data.

Slight correction...

There was info regarding the Photoshop version itself:
Adobe XMP Core 5.0-c061 64.140949, 2010/12/07-10:57:01

So presumably the image was produced after that date.

brianman: thanks!

Lighten up, Brianman.

Well, I am sorry to say that Tesla just said I could not even give my spot away for free. So there you go; no good deed goes unpunished :) I suppose they just want to be fair.

Good luck with your cars, when you get them.

Is the center infotainment console really such a cool idea without the Tech package (which means, without turn-by-turn navigation)?

I, for one, do not want to pay $3750 for just the turn-by-turn navigation as I don't care much about everything else in the package (Xenon head lights, fog lights, two more USB's, etc.).

I wish I could add an app that can do the same (without needing any cellular connection). Or, even better, if I could connect my external GPS (or any video) device to the console and view directions on the screen and behind-the-steering-dashboard.

~ Prash.

I prefer to plot my course with a "paper map" before I start my trip. I have been doing this for decades and I never got lost. I was never impressed with my friend's nav systems. He always gets lost en route.

The only people that don't care about about xenon headlights are those who have never owned a car with them...;)

The Leaf has great LED low beams but I couldn't bear the pitiful halogen high beams it had. A 55W H9 HID kit fixed that nicely and inexpensively.

Actually, the xenon headlights is my primary reason for wanting the tech package. Since the rest of the items are packaged with it, that makes it worth it.

@Stephen, you are lucky. I am one of the (severely) directionally challenged folks out there. I am so bad that I get lost even with a GPS system. And that poor GPS of mine, so often, keeps recalculating the route. I sometimes call it my guiding angel.

@jkirkebo, you may be right. I have never had or rented a car with Xenon lights. But, I just hate being on the other side of them. I feel that they are so distracting to the opposite drivers that I do not want to cause the same inconvenience to others.

~ Prash.

I googled Xeon headlights and one of the links ( link, iirc) talked about people hating the improperly installed aftermarket lights.

Ones I've seen on BMW and Audi cars have seemed quite nice to view. A little bluish tint but not at all hard on the eyes compared to some halogens.

Overall I expect the Xeon's to be nice, but I can't imagine it as a must have option. Halogen's are plenty good enough for me so getting 3x more viewable is just extra. Street signs showing up brighter will be a nice bonus, tho with the turn-by-turn Nav I'm guessing street signs will have less importance for me.

@prash.saka: I think it likely that someone will create a Model S app that provides web-based turn-by-turn navigation. It should be an easy adaptation of the various smartphone-based versions.

Personally, the only thing I don't care about on the Tech Package is the HD backup camera -- regular def should be sufficient for me. While I don't currently need Homelink, I can easily see that changing in my next home.

Recommendation: try the final application GUI on the big screen with drivers, not with people sitting in the driver seat in a non-moving car. I have a Volt and love it, but that touch screen center panel is trouble-some when you are driving and touching sensor points without looking -- end up turning all sorts of things on.
It's a BIG screen -- make it easy to do things without distraction. Please don't fill up all the space with icons.

You should have made it clear that your number is for the European reservation list; totally different thing. As for swapping/donating, you could make a private deal (get cash for your reservation) and sell the car on delivery. As long as you're the one who picks it up initially, I don't think TM has any say in that.

When I asked a Tesla rep two weeks ago, the answer was that the interior was complete. They were refining the photos and the design center. I don't think Tesla has been tweaking the Model S interior. - David M.

From my perspective that's excellent news. If the interior is frozen then that is an indication that the release candidate should be close to being released, and as you suggest, the Design Studio should be available even before that. I'm guessing we'll see the Design Studio within a couple of weeks or so.


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