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Model S Final Interior (Dashboard, Infotainment Screen, & Console?)

Since all of us reservation holders are waiting to see the final Model S interior (Dashboard, Infotainment screen integration, and console/or not?), it occurred to me that the Model X dashboard/integration actually looks quite GOOD! Is this . . perhaps the final Model S dashboard?? If so, bring it on!

I'm just really surprised that we are only 4 - 5 months from Model S production, and customers have not yet SEEN the final interior. Any comments?

Niels, thanks for detailing your point of view. I have read that "Tesla ruiniert seinen Ruf" paragraph before and yet I will take the train from Berlin to Geneva next week to see the car in person and talk to some Tesla people.

Thinking about it, my motives for getting this car are still strong after 3 years and have little to do with the interior (as long as it's functional). I don't want to judge it before I have seen and used the final version, but even if I dislike the interior then, I will probably still get the car. That's certainly also a matter of taste, "simple" may not be prestigious, but I cannot find it "ugly" either.

Here are a couple of reasons that go beyond the dash board why people want to own a Model S (my own comments are also there):

I wonder what your primary reason was to get in line for the Model S in the first place? As I said before, it's none of my business, but since you posted your opinion here, I'm curious.

Greetings All !

I saw the Pearl White Beta with a black interior in DC this weekend. The white, black and silver went together extremely well.

But more importantly I really thought the interior was vastly superior to the Red Signature Beta with Banana Leaf, White Seats and Tan on the lower dash.

You really have to see it to appreciate it, because black does not really photograph well. I will try to take some good photos this Sunday, when I return, and post them. But if you can imagine;
1. Silver framing around the Steering wheel
2. Silver stripe on the all black doors
3, Silver frame around the Speedometer and the Touchscreen
4. The Touchscreen now surrounded by a Black (upper and lower) dash with Black Lacewood facing you
5. There is also a Silver lining the Cup holders and the Vents.

It was all SO well coordinated. It really looked more like a quality vehicle.

Also the Leather had Perforations in the center of the Seat and Back with non perforated leather on the outside edges. This gave the seats much more of a Texture. I was very happy !

Further more there were monochrome painted small models of the model S in the colors posted on the website. The website does not represent the colors well AT ALL ! The Gray, Green, Brown and Blue are sparkling metallic and are Gorgeous !

I would love to continue but unless you have seen all of this in person you can't see the great improvement.

In closing, the touchscreen looked well integrated with the dashboard. I was really impressed. Even if you choose to get the White, Tan or Grey seats with Banana Leaf in my opinion it would be preferable to have the upper and lower dashboard in black. It Really made a significant difference.

I hope Tesla offers that as an option and I will be informing my rep tomorrow.

Well that's my 2 cents !


IMO, its not worth cancelling and quite frankly the move is puzzling to me.


I totally agree. I too thought it looked great and better than the banana leaf and white. Having black all around the 17 inch screen really pulled it all together and the chrome accents, nice. After seeing the car, I thought this is the combo I am going for. Only one thing bothers me. I am getting a color that is not sig specific. It wouldn't bother me if no color was sig specific but since there is a sig specific color, it makes me feel like I should get that color.

Unless - wait let me try this. Excuse me, Tesla, would you mind changing the sig specific color to the shasta white so I would feel better? Thank you.

@lgagliardi - I think you make a lot of non-Sig reserves (including p2576) that want the pearl white unhappy.

But more importantly I really thought the interior was vastly superior to the Red Signature Beta with Banana Leaf, White Seats and Tan on the lower dash. (My5bAby)

...which seems to be the car that is on display in Geneva:

Sad, I was hoping they would show some later build that would be more representative of the production car. Why are we Europeans getting 2nd class treatment? I digress... ;-)

Because you haven't bought out the stock of allocated Roadsters yet, you reactionaries, you! Get out there and talk up those Sportsters!!


@ Volker - it seems the Europeans are getting exacting the same class of treatment everyone is getting - and I agree - it IS second class but we are all sharing the same "love".

johns258, yes except that we get it 6 to 9 months delayed...

How long did you say it would be till that nice Ford wagon would make it to the US??

The Beta in DC currently is the same one that was in Boston and at the Detroit Auto Show.

I don't want the Pearl White I will get either Black or Grey.

Volker, Please don't be dismayed, they have a limited number of Beta Cars and they are just moving them around where ever they can. Frankly I think it's great that the Red Signature is already in Europe.


I saw the Pearl White Beta with a black interior in DC this week. The interior color combo looked good. I only have two gripes:
1. I always suspected that having the charging port behind the tail light was a vulnerable location. Alas, someone had already broken the tail light access door to the charging port.
2. The location of the cup holders is really bad. The driver essentially has to "reach behind" his position to grab a beverage out of the cup holder. You really cannot rest your arm on the armrest if a cup is in the cup holder.


Not my goal to make anyone unhappy. Here, let me fix it. Excuse me Tesla, please dis-regard my last comment. My buddy brianman wants the Pearl white also so please leave things as is. What? you won't change a thing? Great thanks.

There you go brianman, all things are back to normal in Tesla world.

Bottomline, even if there is a specific color for sig reservations, I am getting the color I (we) like!

I don't want the white, but My5bAby suggested she might ... in the post immediately preceding yours... hence my referencing her number. I guess I was too subtle.

I'm getting the Sig Red.

If I stick with my sig reservation I'm NOT getting the color I like. I want the blue or green... sigh.

Because you like that color the best or because its sig specific?

@Volker: the caption of the Geneva picture is in Dutch. It's saying: "beautiful from afar, some serious finishing issues from close up".

I remember reading about comments along the same line months ago on US display vehicles. How hard can it be to get a couple of vehicles with imaculate interior for important car shows like this??
No wonder the design still isn't up.

design studio that is

@lgagliardi - If it was a multicoat Red vs. multicoat Blue, Green, or Purple, it might be a decision for me.

But the other 3 Sig colors have always felt generic to me since before I even got my driver's permit.


Have you already decided on the interior as well? If so, what are you going with? Sorry if you mentioned that on another post already.

And lastly, I know you do not prefer white but have you seen the sig white car in person?

I'm not brianman, but I have seen the Pearl White (the car that's now in DC and was at the Detroit auto-show). I was underimpressed. I've seen execution of pearl white that had much more pearlescence and that I thought were really remarkable -- Lexus, e.g. On the Tesla, though, I had to carefully look at the surface to make sure that this wasn't just the gloss white. Maybe the final product will be better, but the Pearl White didn't do much for me.

Robert.Boston. Perhaps the Pearl White show car was painted in California using water soluble paint (AQMD mandated). The quality is not as rich or as deep as paints used in most other states/countries and this could be the reason you were under impressed.


Short answer on interior is not decided yet. Part of why I'm getting increasingly impatient on the Design Studio completion.

In a Roadster, I think the white would look great inside the red. In the S, I don't know yet. I'm also worried about the "keeping it clean" issue people have mentioned with light colored, especially white, leather.

If I conclude that I don't want to risk a light color, that might rule out the grey as well.

I'm kind of hoping that there is something with a little more spark than a single tone black option once Design Studio opens. Might make the decision a lot easier.

Arg, sorry for misspelling the name.

Yeah, well if I am truly honest with myself I guess I am really undecided on color and interior. We will all have to decide soon.

It will be interesting to have a thread after the cars are out that we can list the colors we picked inside and out.

Nice camera work! I hope you're going to the event so we can get some of these quality shots of the newer vehicles.

Liked your photos.

It's hard to perceive from photos, but the lacewood insets are not glossy. Not matte, either, but if "piano black" is glossy=10, and unvarnished wood is matte=0, then the lacewood is about a 2. (Which I liked -- shows that this is real wood and not some plasticized replica.)

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