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Model S Final Interior (Dashboard, Infotainment Screen, & Console?)

Since all of us reservation holders are waiting to see the final Model S interior (Dashboard, Infotainment screen integration, and console/or not?), it occurred to me that the Model X dashboard/integration actually looks quite GOOD! Is this . . perhaps the final Model S dashboard?? If so, bring it on!

I'm just really surprised that we are only 4 - 5 months from Model S production, and customers have not yet SEEN the final interior. Any comments?

I have a blk interior on a bmw 545i. The car is a 2004. It still looks good. Blk on the interior does not go out of style. Thanks for the pictures mybaby. I think the lacewood looks good.

We are finally there, the Design Studio will be out this Friday, less than 24 hours.

AFAIK, the Santana Row Design Studio consists mostly of real world samples, not software.

what time friday? It is friday now...

It was up with a bit more semi-functionality a little while ago, but just a blank "workspace" now. 4:20 p.m. PST.

The SR "Design Studio" IS UP and is composed of 4 Signature paint colors, the 4 interior treatment material, and 6 sample leather seat coverings (3 sig and 3 sig performance - ie. with racing strips of colored leather). Will take photos tomorrow and post if someone else doesn't.

No updated screens as of a few hours ago.


No interior DS online yet.

From the Tesla Motors Club forum, a reservation holder interviewed George Blankenship and the Model S Product Manager.

George told me "we listened, and are definitely going to offer a console as a Tesla accessory down the road" -- or words to that effect on the video.


"Down the road", huh? Well, that's good. It's not going to be much use while parked in the garage at home!


Take a look at

Winter ends at 10:14pm, 3/19/12, PDT. Tesla has until Monday Night to get the Design Studio online...

There has been much discussion of the lack of storage and central console but I would also say that the overall interior seems oddly unharmonious in design and materials. For instance I find the air vents to be surprisingly cheap looking. They remind me of gm chrome-plastic from the seventies which invariably ended up chipping over time. One reason that I like European cars is that they tend to use real materials, the plastics tend to be high quality plastic and look and feel right rather than fake chromed plastic.

I also find the trapezoidal gauges and vents to be quite ugly. Finally I see the 17"display as totally jarring, not integrated well at all to the dash. Typing on my fingerprint smudged iPad I dread having that screen constantly smudged every time I get into the car. For me there is no value in replacing nicely designed buttons with this monstrous screen. Buttons last a lifetime, I have never had a screen which lasted as long.

I won't repeat the discussion of why numerous discrete storage pockets are desirable and just say that I fully agree and find the lack of storage problematic.

It seems to me that the interior design was driven by a desire to be different and make a statement rather than real utility and harmonious design. If the exterior design is a 9, the interior is a 2.

So this is all quite negative but I expect that I will still buy the car because I want to support an American car company making EVs. However, I doubt the general public will be willing to accept such an inferior interior design and execution.

It seems to me that the interior design was driven by a desire to be different and make a statement rather than real utility and harmonious design.

That is my impression as well. It is a very unfortunate choice. I was very happy in the beginning to see that Tesla chose a real world design for the model s, unlike many other manufacturers' design studies for EVs that could have been taken right out of a scifi B movie. It is too bad that Tesla has not brought the exterior beauty into the interior design.

I was impressed by Elon again after watching 60 minutes on SpaceX. It is impressive how he manages to run two challenging companies at the same time. Let us hope TM will make adjustments based on the customer feedback. Based on roadster experience where they have been doing just that I am hopeful that this will be the case.

The cars at SR had BETA written on them. They are obviously NOT production cars. Let us wait and see what the final product will be.

Boy do I hope that you are right and that major improvements are still possible; however, given that the interior design studio is being shown at the stores it certainly seems as if the design has been finalized.

Is the interior design studio being shown at the stores? I saw no mention of that.

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