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Model S fire?

Appears to have been in an accident. Wonder what caught fire. Something flammable in the frunk?

Mna123 aka NNT!

How are your other cars doing? The MBZ 300 that you say you have?

If the battery compartment was compromised, Tesla will probably have to recall and beef up that section. Who's to say bottoming out won't cause the same incident. If the area protecting the batteries and their cooling system is insufficient, it will happen again.
Simple fix would likely be a skid plate added to that section where it is most likely to be compromised.

the MS IS allready the safest car ever! You can still kill your selfe in ANY car- fire or not.
I think it is pretty awesome and well engineered that the car didn't explode...
I do not even want to talk about a Hydrogen car or hydrogen refill station-
An exploding H2 car would likely leave a huge crater in the road and probably killing others too.
As long as the battery isn't self igniting.. Well

I do not think Li-ion batteries would burn with a flame that seeps to road. It looks some kind of liquid. The only liquid in sufficient quantities for that kind of fire is the battery coolant. I suspect Telsa used a hi alcohol mix with glycol or something similar. If the alcohol is greater than 70%, it is flammable. This kind of mix does not freeze even in most cold climates.

Tesla may choose to replace the coolant. Do some testing. Just a short term cost. With time the issue will be resolved.

There but for the grace of God go I

@Mark K - can you link to Tesla's official statement? Thanks

ABC reports that NHTSA is unable to travel to Washington state to investigate because of the government shut-down!

mna123: Agree on the "Life is precious" comment. Consider this:

~250 million ICE cars in the US with roughly 250K fires per year (basically 1:1,000 ICE cars will have a fire in any given year.)

~25,000 Model S's on the road with 1 fire (1:25,000)

So regarding risk from fire, Model S's are apparently 25x safer than an ICE car. And that is only fire. We already know it is the safest car on the road if you are in any other type of accident.

So, Yes, Life is Precious. Buy the Model S and protect the ones you love.

The Model S air suspension lowering during highway speed makes for less clearance when striking debris on the freeway. This driver was reported to be in the HOV lane making it difficult to avoid the metal object. Perhaps a nicely hidden "cowcatcher" modification would allow the Model S to deflect road debris from the highway and eliminate all incidents of this nature.

Oh, good grief. You can make an MRAP catch fire, too.

@mna123; Better get rid of your shower and tub, too...that's where you're most likely to fall and die.

At this time, we do not know what really caused the fire. Before the truth is revealed, this fire incident would be undoubtedly used by all Tesla haters or shorts to celebrate their curse upon Tesla. I would not even be surprised that some extreme character at some point of time will copycat a similar event to substantiate the curse upon Tesla.

Yet, history will show that we the MS owners would have the final (and perpetual) Tesla grin.

No one has answered the question....What was in the Frunk?

If the cause of the fire was an accident as it appears to be (running over a metal object), then I'm impressed that it alerted the driver and the driver was able to escape with no injuries.

What would be a nightmare is if it spontaneously combusted like the Fisker Karma. That clearly isn't the case here.

This seems like a total fluke.

This October 3 article in Green Car Reports has the official Tesla statement in its first few paragraphs:

It includes a 30-second video of what looks like a black Model S parked on the corner of two rural roads, on fire. The flames look pretty substantial and a firefighter is seen walking up with a hose about to douse it. The street's wet, looks like it was raining.

This to me is all the sane and non-emotional reasoning I need to buying and keep buying Tesla stock and options.

Stop and think about it - what fundamentally has changed? Nothing. Tesla is selling everything it can produce. They're making profits. 6000 Model X's are pre-sold. Tesla is reinvesting to develop the recharging grid. As for profits - I would not be as utterly concerned about making profits in the short-term, but would rather reinvest back into the company to improve production, product development, safety and efficiency.

To panic sell is silly based on an accident. It's over reactionary. Don't look now but look at how many non-Tesla cars are in fiery accidents everyday.

DEUTSCHE BANK ON TESLA FIRE: This 'Had To Happen At Some Point'
MATTHEW BOESLER OCT. 3, 2013, 7:26 AM 8,699 14

Yesterday, Tesla shares fell 6.2% — in part because of an analyst's downgrade, but also perhaps in part because of a fiery car crash that raised concerns over the safety of the electric vehicle's lithium-ion battery.

In a note to clients (titled "Had to happen at some point; no change to the thesis"), Deutsche Bank analysts led by Dan Galves argue that this was inevitable.

"We expect that negative news flow and investor concern over the impact to demand of this incident will put negative pressure on the stock in the near-term," write the Deutsche Bank analysts. "And these are meaningful concerns, as this is a new technology and one in which sensitivity to safety risk is very high."

However, the Deutsche Bank team also offers a few reasons why damage to investor perceptions of Tesla vehicles' safety should be mitigated:

After 83 million miles of Model S driving, 12 significant accidents, and extreme crash-testing by U.S. Safety regulators, this is the first fire in a Tesla vehicle. Although more details are needed on the exact reasons behind this incident, and it would certainly be best to completely eliminate the chance of a fire, Tesla believes that the frequency in which an accident propagates a fire is similar in an internal combustion vehicle.

The fire resulted from a collision. If this had been a spontaneous incident with no catalyst (i.e. in someone’s garage), the impact would be significantly worse. This was not an explosion. The fire started gradually and the vehicle performed as designed in terms of protecting the driver and providing ample warning.

Tesla’s ability to monitor the vehicle systems remotely will enable a detailed report on the root cause of the incident. We believe that the company will and should provide as much information as possible.

"This incident does not change our positive thesis on the company or the stock," concludes Galves. "Given significant Roadster and Model S experience (6 years, tens of millions of miles driven) without a fire, we have confidence that this is an isolated incident that could happen to any vehicle."

Deutsche Bank has a buy rating on the stock and a price target of $200.

I wonder if they have thought to use explosive-bolt type of tech to break up the 400 volt battery strings when a fire starts?

Maybe spring-loaded punch held open by temp-sensitive material, fire causes it to punch through heavy wire, carrying section down into a well, with nonconductive material just above steel punch so as not to short across.

Yesterday I saw a BMW 335i convertible fire in I95 Maryland, no accident happened that I could see. I wondering if the stocks of BMW are down? In fact I just bought more shares at the new low TSLA.

Can someone tell me where to buy a car with

Gas tank
Diesel Tank
Hydrogen tank
Propane gas tank
Fuel cell


I don't know what kind of materials that may be used to harden the casing of the battery pack...perhaps that is another option to look into to protect the battery from high speed impact rapture.

We've all seen the "unintended acceleration" pictures with one where the MS jumped a curb and landed on a retaining wall. One would think that would really rupture the battery! Where were the fires in those incidents? It's hard to imagine that running over a metal object would cause this to happen but landing on a retaining wall would do nothing...just sayin'

my stormage says "fake" in the one or in the other way...either video is fake or the source of fire... could be burning wheels or something in the frunk. Hopefully tesla/elon is working on feedback. It can't be coincidence, that it happens now! Stockprice, Marketcap... reviews of the S... Crashtests--everything perfect + ... and then this--- video has no credible source, there is no interview with the owner of the car... tesla must be in contact with this guy. There should be an update today..
it's damn hot out there

Cow catcher lmao.

After this all die down and people start to rationalize the whole thing Tesla stock will go back to 190~200 level in a couple weeks.

Spontaneous combustion is unlikely given the long history of Roadster with no such incident.

Otherwise harmless rubber tire debris on the runway - when it was kicked up during takeoff - brought down the Concorde after puncturing the underside of one of its jet engines. The littlest thing, if it hits the right spot, can cause tremendous damage and result in unforeseen consequences. No design is foolproof. If this accident revealed an achilles heal to the Model S that the designers had not anticipated, it will be corrected to the betterment of the product.

Good thing the driver was not rendered unconscious inside and die from smoke inhalation. Can you imagine the media?

Hopefully for the company this does not happen again in the near future.

Amped - we all know what happened to the Concorde following the crash. TSLA @ 170 and holding.

Seems to me much of this fear-mongering comes from the demise of Fisker, and their issues with spontaneous combustion, which turned out to be the last nail in the coffin for the company. When I mention my Tesla to many folks, they still get Fisker and Tesla confused, because of many factors. In-fact, I recently told a older gentleman about my MS, and he said... "No way I am buying one of those, they explode, and screwed the government". (of course I had to educate him that he was thinking of Fisker, and not Tesla). He still swore it was Tesla that was the bad one, but after a fairly long conversation about it (and the fact that I am a resident expert on the subject), he finally agreed ('m sure Mitt's senior moment in the presidential debates didn't help either).

Regardless, the VERY fact that the fire was the likely result of the MS hitting something that perforated the battery compartment, is very telling. Never mind, there is a video on YouTube of a Tesla Roadster on fire, which I never heard an explanation for, just goes to show that no vehicle (including the MS) is immune from fire. Some (like the MS) might be FAR safer, than others, however, if somehow the general public were under some assumption that the MS was indestructible, well, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

With regard to the stock: I am not sure how much of this is related to the government shutdown, the fire, or the speculators that have been telling everyone that TSLA is overvalued (it didn't help when Elon even admitted that it was overvalued). Either way, for as many friends that Tesla has out there, they have even more enemies that would love nothing more than to see Tesla go down in flames (let's face it, oil companies are very powerful and evil).

For now, I am going to stick with the old saying... "This too shall pass".

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