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Model S Gestating

I am expecting my Model S (P9318) in February and coincidentally my wife is due in February also (already bought the Telsa "zero emmissions...almost" onsie at the Tesla store). I was thinking about this recently and was struck by the similarities in the process:
1) Wait time/gestation period (9months)
2) Labor required before delivery
3) Prep work for the nursery/garage
4) Anticipation is tremendous
5) Building process is fun ;)
6) Can't wait to show her off.

bit of a 'learning curve' upon arrival. your realization that things have CHANGED.

The cost of a 4 yr college education (at a state school)=cost of the Tesla Performance/Sig

...The opposites are just as interesting. Children are high maintenance, Tesla is low.

You get two little baby Teslas with the mommy Tesla.

Yeah, I know that messes up the analogy you were going for.

Always talking about the new "baby" after arrival.
Spending time with the new "baby" as much as possible.
Spending time on forums (real baby - finding out as much as possible about certain possible illnesses; spending time on this forum talking about how wonderful it is to be a MS owner).

First I went through premature labor.
I went through false labor later. That's even worse!
I then found myself overdue and Tesla decided to induce.
I didn't even make it to the hospital. I got a phone call and found out that my car was ready to be delivered in a couple hours.

Good luck on your new bundles of joy.

LOL - I had a very similar case. My wife was due (now delivered) with our second child very near the delivery date of my Model S (still waiting). As the due date got closer people would ask "when is the baby due" and my only response was "which one"? :-)

They will both be Pampered, too.

Fuel consumption higher with baby and one of them has no gas.

Brown looks better on the Model S

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